They say that capitalism is the American way is it really, are has it been taken to another level when it’s dealing with youth athletics. AAU basketball has become a big industry for corporate America our children are being use for Capital gain the purity of the game has been taken out. our children are being exploited in such a way that it is destroying their mental and physical toughness when it comes to becoming a better player.

I am not here to attack AAU and youth coaches, but these men and women must be on Guard against big corporate industries that has the desire to make a dollar and doesn’t have what’s in the best interest of our children. We want to engage in the conversation of where is our game headed to in the 21st-century and what is the objective for bringing the purity of the game back.

Many people liked to say they are in it to help these young people gain scholarships I believe many of the men and women who say that, but we must understand some use that as a weapon to create something different. What are scholarships? True education is the development of your mind that’s why I tell young people I don’t want your game I want your mind. I think corporate America has entered into the world of youth athletics, we must understand as coaches and mentors that in order for child to excel they must be given the truth in the appropriate way.

Let’s look at these big corporations that are benefiting from our children Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor are fighting for young men and women who have exceptional talent. Let’s look at Nike last year, fourth-quarter revenue from continuing operations up 11% to $7.4 billion in the fourth quarter. who is winning here many will say, Our  children are benefiting I beg to differ when you have young men and women who receive scholarships and don’t have enough money to feed themselves throughout the school year.

Student athletes and youth athletics must understand that this is big business and they are the  small pieces on the chessboard!!!!! This is part-1 to a 4-part topic that will be discussed in the future.. Stay tuned for more!!!