The City of Las Vegas is quickly becoming a Basketball State,the c/o 2019 will be the next hot crop of players.

Clark high school has some great prospects, 6’5 Antwon Jackson, 6’5 Ian Alexander, 6’2 Sedrick Hammonds, an 6’4 Jalen Hill all are looking very good on a team that looks like it’s ready to make a championship run.

Just a week a go Antwon Jackson put up some good numbers for a freshman 19pts. In a win over Pahrump Valley. Mojave high school also has a very good 5’8 freshman in JD McCormick he give’s alot of energy to a team that is heavy with seniors.

He is not ask to score a lot,but he will be the focal point in the future. Shadow Ridge high school has a good one in 6’1 Nick Blake he is still  learning his role as a player on a team that is up-tempo,his future is bright.

Division III power Agassi Prep is supposed to be in a rebuilding state but it has some very good freshman that are making some noise early in the year. 5’8 PG Najeeb Muhammad has demonstrated leadership qualities by showing that he can run a team. He leads the team in assists,an steals. 5’11 SG Daniel Plummer is a very  aggressive player who is relentless on defense and the boards.

Dion Binion is a 6’0 WF that run the floor very well the more he settles in his role the more productivity he will give. These are just some freshman that are creating a name for themselves on the Varsity high school circuit in the city of Las Vegas.

We will continue to keep our eyes open on young talent in the city of Las Vegas, because there are many more that haven’t been spoken of in this segment. We will keep you posted in the near future…. Vegas Got Game!!!!!content://media/external/file/90272content://media/external/file/90272