Grassroots basketball have become a very competitive environment on all levels, from parents to coaches, and tournament Directors. There are no days off when you are trying to compete and stay at the top of the food chain, in other words this is big business..  Marketing your program is one of the keys of staying up and not being a part of the downside of the food chain in basketball. Top level programs get it, they stay deep in the trenches of recruiting some of the best players that they possibly can. Having one or two players that are highlighted on the circuit can change your program overnight, but what many people don’t know is once you enter that arena you must stay up on your game or you will just be another program. The City Of Las Vegas is entering this environment and many of these coaches don’t realize what they are getting  into, it’s really a doggie-dog world!! (Lol!!) You must know what you want as a program director, some Desire to Create a environment of  pro’s others just want to help keep young people out of trouble. As parents you must be where of those who prey on your children for self gain. Everyone that is involved in grassroots is not here to help children, be wise when you choose a program make sure you look at its track record and see if it fits what you want….. these are just some of the things that parents can do to help ease the stress that comes along with grassroot basketball.  Must be honest a stitch has been created in Grassroots basketball due to some coaches focusing on what program is best and what tournament is best, we must remember we are here to provide a service that will help children grow into becoming responsible human beings this is the ultimate goal. And if we want to change the culture and environment we must remember this. There are excellent programs in the city of Las Vegas that you can look out for:  high-level programs, Las Vegas  Prospects, Las Vegas Knicks, Vegas Elite, these programs play on the major circuits.  Very good programs out there are: Las Vegas Punishers,  Henderson Heat, 702 Select, Unit 1 Elite Las Vegas, Symbolic Art, Las Vegas Demon, Las Vegas Dynasty , Fearless basketball club , IBC, The top girls program is: ( Bulldogs) a farm club for centennial high school girls basketball team. It’s OK to have pride in your program, but it’s more important to know that you represent a city that prides itself on being winners!!!! VEGAS ALL DAY🏀