Re-classification is nothing new to the basketball world or athletics in General it was introduced in the early 70s in the state of Alabama many parents held there children back to have an opportunity to play football at a high-level. But what we are seeing today is something that’s getting out of hand, many of these children are being held back for the wrong reasons many parents feel that if they hold a child back it will give them an opportunity to get a high-level scholarship. What type of message are we sending mentally to our children, we are dumbing down the development of their minds on what it takes to compete and excel in a world that is very unsympathetic to reality. True sports demonstrates hard work,commitment and a development of the mind to meet and overcome all obstacles that might be in there way, in the class of 2020 you will see a lot of reclassification in the basketball grassroots community. This ball is rolling downhill,” said Dave Telep, a National recruiting analyst for ESPN. ” The genie is out of the bottle. It’s no longer a trend it’s an excepted practice with in high school basketball. We must speak truth to the issue it’s here to gain advantages in the game.”the great Hall of Fame coach Bob Hurley from Saint Anthony’s high school of Jersey City. ” said it’s just because you’ll be one year older in high school and you’ll be much better of a player. Either way most agree this is now the it thing for young players!!!! So let’s look at the class of 2020 some of the top players that have reclassify” Terrence Williams, Cam Byers, AJ Hoggard, and Tyler Brelsford, 6’9 Benjamin Todd, 6’8 Hunter Dickerson this is just the East Coast, we have not tapped into the West Coast. One of the biggest names on the West Coast is Shemar Morrow all are exceptional talents. But I must say to parents you must remember that these are top elite players this does not apply to all of the young men who love the game, we must put things in perspective and do best by these young men, parents we must make sure that we do the right thing for the future of our children.