Before I get started I must stay I’m not a Coach, are a Scouts Agency. These are my views and opinions of players in the city which I represent, people have asked who am I and why should they except my opinions Lol! What is an expert it’s just an individual who gives their opinions, many of these players who we speak about will never get looks from D1 or D2 schools. So if I say that I represent the city, I’m obligated to write about young men who are considered underrated players. The top players will get looks, Las Vegas has talent my job is to Bring awareness to this talent in this great city. It’s VEGAS ALL DAY!! I THOUGHT YOU KNEW!! image

1). Jamal Bey 6’6 SG/SF- Gorman high

2). Bryon Penn-Johnson 6’11 PF/C- Coronado high

3). Maka Ellis 6’5 SG/SF- Sierra Vista high

4). Jaylen Fox 6’1 PG- Faith Lutheran

5). Tiaem Comeaux 6’6 WF- Coronado high

6). James Bridges 6’3 SG- Clark High

7). Marvin Coleman 6’3 PG- Foohill high

8). Orlando Robinson 6’8 F- Centennial high

9). Trey Woodbury 6’3 SG- Clark high

10). Kavon Williams 6’2 PG/SG- Cheyenne high

11). Cameron Burist 6’2 PG/SG- Liberty high

12). Carl Fischer 6’7 PF- Foothill high

13). Mr.Agu 6’6 F-Gorman high

14). Jarrod Burks 6’3 F- Arbor View high

15). Tahj Comeaux 6’6 WF-  Coronado high

16). Ryan Rose 6’1 PG- Gorman high

17). LeAndre Mclntyre Jr. 6’6 SG/SF -Durango high

18). Donovan Joyer 5’11 PG- Las Vegas high

19). Eljah Kothe 6’4 SF- Faith Lutheran high

20). Steven Adeyemi 6’3 SG- Sunrise Mountain high