We all have heard that the pen has power. The past few weeks we have been doing our top 20 rankings (c/o 2017, 2018, 2019) in the city of Las Vegas. We have received some positive feedback and we also have received some not so positive feedback, but at the end of the day we write what we believe to be true. Las Vegas is a very unique place and basketball has become very big in the city, but how many of these young men and women really know what it takes to qualify? To be honest most parents and coaches  don’t have a clue themselves, so what we want to do is help you to understand the seriousness of our children applying themselves. image

* There are approximately 351 Division I schools, average team size for men’s basketball is 16 players per team. The number of athletic scholarships per team for division 1 is 13; the athletic funding for each male player average is $14,958.

*  There are approximately 316 Division II schools, there are only 313 men’s basketball teams, average team size is 17 players per team. The number of scholarships given out per team is 10 and the average athletic scholarship funding is $6067 per player.

* There are approximately 447 Division III schools, there are only 424 men’s basketball teams, the average team size is 18 players per team athletic scholarships various. There are no guarantees at the Division III level of athletic scholarships!

* Between the NAIA Division I,II schools there are  approximately 228 teams, the  average team size is 20 players.  Athletic scholarships limit per team in Division I(11), Division II(6) average athletic scholarship is $7,231 Division I, Division II is $ 5,392.

* There are approximately 438 NJCAA schools. The average players per team is 15 and the number of athletic scholarships per team is 15 average funding per player is $2432.

Social media has taken the sports community by storm and many of our children focus on rankings and they lose sight on what it takes to be prepared for the next level academically. The word “education” derives from a Latin terminology, which means to bring out of you that which is inside of you. It is very important for parents to become more acquainted with the U.S. college index quick facts on all U.S. four-year colleges per state. Such information gives you a heads up on things that you may not be informed on.

It’s more to the game of basketball than just lacing up Jordans, throwing the ball up, and running up and down the court. Young  people: You must prepare yourself for the future. It does not start on the basketball court, it starts inside the classroom!

We understand that this article may not be as popular as the Top 20 ranking, but it is more important for young people to understand not to let the game use them, but to use the game to their advantage!!

When you talk about youth athletics and college sports it is very cut and dry, there is no love lost. Youth athletics is a business and young people have to look at themselves as an investment. Basketball is like life, whatever you put into it is what you will get out of it!! The Key Word for Young people is CONTROL!! You must be in control of your own destiny and never put your livelihood in the hands of another man. I encourage all coaches to be honest with their players, don’t sell our young people pipe dreams. Get away from telling them that they just received an offer because the offer doesn’t mean anything if they have not been applying themselves in classrooms!! I root for the underdogs and I am dedicated to seeing our youth succeed in life. The future lies within our children. Basketball is just a game and life really starts after the game!! Understand Education Has To Be A Priority!!!!