As the season grow closer to the playoffs, we must take time to reflect on players and teams performance. The class of 2017 is departing and new leaders are emerging among the high school basketball scene in the City of Las Vegas. But before we jump the gun let’s take a look around the league.

1). 6’6 PG/SG Troy Brown Jr. (Centennial High), This young man has represented the city well, he decided to take his talent to the University of Oregon. But he has some unfinished business in high school it’s call a state title, the superstar avg. 20.6 points 10.0 reb. 4.6 Ast. a game, in order for him to make that state title a reality, this young man will need to continue to play at a very high level. His jump shot has improved and he has physically become a lot stronger,and we all know his elite passing skills. But at the end of the day we all know he still has to go through Gorman!! I put him in that category of #pointGODnation!!!!img_1896

2). 6’7″ SF/WF Kennedy Koehler (Coronado High), When we talk about players that are flat-out just tough this is the type of player you want on your team. Kennedy Koehler will take his talent to the University California San Diego, mid-way through this season he is averaging 21.2 pts. 10.3 reb. 3.3 ast. a game. At times this young fella has the ability to step out and knock down the 3 ball, he also rebounds very well for his sizes. In order for Coronado to make a deep run in the playoffs he will need to continue to play well.


3). 6’3″ SG D’Andre Houston (Cheyenne High), A unknown to many in the city, but this 6’3′ silky smooth shooting guard has talent and is very athletic and can jump out the gym!!! There’s a saying that goes, sometime you just need a fresh start and a new beginning and he is getting that!! He needs some work but all the skills are their, he is averaging 12.2 pts. 5.0 reb. 3.3 Ast. a game. This transfer from Agassi Prep is making a impact on his team, a great JC Prospects!!!


4). 6’4″ PG Christian Popoola (Gorman High), This is an explosive guard that plays with a lot of energy, he has commit to Brigham Young University. He avg. 15.7 pts 4.1 reb. 5.3 Ast. a game, in order for Gorman to get back to state he is a key component to there run. He is the floor general, he makes the game easy for the back up point guards, he is also a very good on ball defender. A tough guard, I put him in that category of #pointGODnation!!!


5). 5’6″ Christopher Hawkins (Canyon Springs), The first time I seen this young fella, I said to myself okay let me see what he is all about. In less than five positions he made me a believer, he has great on ball skills he’s the best defender I have seen in Las Vegas in a long time!! It’s only one other player in the city I believe that I’ve seen that might come close to him,is a sophomore Najeeb Muhammad (Agassi Prep). Mr. Hawkins is a true PG he look to get his team involve, on the season this young man is avg. 15.7 pts. 8.4 Ast. 3.2 Stl. a game.  I put him in that category of #pointGODnation!!!


6). 2016-17 Clark High Team, To be honest I hate to use this word, but this team is loaded! They can put a starting 5 on the floor, with no one under 6ft.3in. it’s not to many teams in the state that can do that. This team trust one another and believe in one another, and have good chemistry. They are young and have very good college prospects 6’4″ SG c/o 2018 Trey Woodbury has made a name for himself he’s fearless, he can shoot the 3 ball, run the floor well and play good defense. He demonstrated over the winter break that he can play with the big boys. Chino Hills was his coming out party!! 6’5 SG c/o 2018 James Bridges is another big time piece for this team, I seen him take over a game against Canyon Springs in the 2nd half, he has a nice jump shot run floor well for his size. 6’6″ WF Ian Alexander, 6’3″ PG Sedrick Hammond, 6’6″ PF Antwon Jackson, 6’6″ Jalen Hill are apart of that great class of 2019. They are Title Contenders!!


7). 6’5″ Maka Ellis (Sierra Vista), This young man on the season is putting up big numbers   ,he is Averaging 23.8 pts. 9.4 Reb. 3.5 Ast. 2.1 Stl. a game, he is one of the top prospects in his class in the city of Las Vegas. His team sits at .500 in order for this team to make the playoffs the team will need to contribute more, c/o 2018 Mr.Ellis has a high Basketball IQ he can get to the basket, make good passes he’s a real solid player.


8). 2016-17 Canyon Springs Team, This team is playing very well, great guard play, a very athletic team, get up and down the court. Having athletes never been Canyon Springs problem, it’s been making sure everyone was on the same page. Would hate to have to play this team in the first round!! img_3250

9). 6’6″ Jamal Bey (Gorman High),  This is the Top player in the c/o 2018 in Las Vegas, and one of the Top prospects on the west coast. He’s Averaging 17.8 pts. 5.1 Reb. 2.5 Ast, where do i start, his upside is very high he can be physical if you want him to,or he can step out and make the 15 ft. jump shot. In all the games i have cover this young man has played good.img_2492 He’s apart of the big 3, if Gorman is going to repeat this young fella will need to play well.

10). 2016-17 Foothill High:(Back Court Tandem),  This young backcourt tandem Marvin Coleman, and Jace Roquemore are to solid young guards that will only get better. c/o 2018 Marvin Coleman is the 6’4″ PG he avg. 13 pts 8.3 Reb. 5.5 Ast, a game, he has the ability to play at the next level, he showed me something when playing against Chino Hills. If he can add the 3 ball to his game this will make him a more complete player on the offensive end, he has the ability to get to the basket. c/o 2019 Jace Roquemore is still young at 6’5″ he can stretch the floor with his long-range shooting, he plays good defense but he is still learning. He will be a good one!!



11). 2016-17 Northwest League: This League has to be the most competitive with Centennial at the top, Faith Lutheran has a very solid team with Nic Maccioni avg. 21.8 point a game. Cimarron-Memorial is surprising a lot of people they are playing very well this season you can’t sleep on them. Shadow Ridge is up and down but for the most part they are playing some competitive ball.I know some other divisions have something to say about this choice.

12). 6’5″ Charles O’Bannon Jr.(Gorman High) The USC commit is apart of the big 3, he’s  Averaging 22.4 pts 6.5 reb 3.2 ast he’s the oil to the engine, this young fella is a competitor and if Gorman is going to return to state this young man must play well.


13). 2016-17 Rancho High: Rancho high 6’2″ c/o 2017 Chys Jackson just might have some help, the new addition of 6’5 c/o 2017 Justin Holiday might be the answer he’s Averaging 25.1 pts 8.4 Reb 4.0 Ast and since he has arrived this team have been putting up wins.

14). 2016-17 Division 2A: The Meadows and Agassi Prep have a new team in their Division and it looks like they’re not taking a back seat to no one, Adelson School. They are finding early success in the league, put at the end of the day it will be a 3 team race. This league has three very good players 6’2″ c/o 2017 Jake Epstein of Meadows High is a very good shooter, 5’8″ SG/PG c/o 2018 Akeemis Williams of Agassi Prep is one of the best shooters in the whole valley, if he was 6’1 he would be a D1 prospects. 5’11 PG c/o 2019 Najeeb Muhammad of Agassi Prep is one of the best on ball defenders in Las Vegas, next to Chris Hawkins of Canyon SpringsNajeeb Muhammad is a good one, he avg. 15.2 pts 7.8 Ast 4.0 Stl. pre game.


15). 6’3 SG c/o 2017 Isaiah Spears (Coral Academy), This young man is my Academic scholar for the first half of the season, he has a 4.9 GPA he has academic offers from John Hopkins University, Duke University, and North Carolina University. He desires to be a Doctor, he’s 5th in the valley in scoring 21.5 pts pre game, this young fella can play and he has brains.


As you can see we get around to see a lot of basketball in the City!! VEGAS ALL DAY!! WE REP OUR CITY!! I THOUGHT YOU KNEW!!! 702 HOOPS!!!