Before we get started lets look at the overall record of our play as a City outside of the State. Between Div.4, Div.3, and Div.2 the overall record is 97-126 that is below .500, in Div.4 Clark High had the best record at 7-2 and Bishop Gorman played the hardest non-conference schedule going 5-6. In Div.3 Chaparral was undefeated at 3-0 and Cheyenne was 3-1, and Desert Pines played the hardest non-conference schedule going 3-6. In Div.2 Adelson School was 2-1, and Agassi prep played the hardest non-conference schedule going 0-3, (Independent) Coral Academy was 2-4 outside of the state.

What I am doing here, is helping people to see even though we are playing for state titles our level of play must become better if we are going to be an Elite state in this game call basketball. I am a person that is a student of the game, I study demographics and numbers. I watch players and i know that the young people in Las Vegas need more development that’s just the TRUTH!!! (JUST A LITTLE FOOD FOR THOUGHT) So let’s get down to business!!

Centennial- You would have to consider the bulldogs one of the favorites, at 21-4 ,(11-0) in League, this team have been winning in a very consist style.The McDonald’s All-American Troy Brown has let it be known that there is 1 thing that’s eluding him, and that’s a State Title!! Troy Brown is averaging 21.4 points and 9.8 rebounds a game he will need his supporting cast to play above-average in order for them to make that State Title a reality.


Clark- These Chargers are for real at 22-3 (10-1) in League, This is a team that you might not want to see in the 1st are 2nd round, they have 3 players that average in double figures in scoring they know how to win. They are the 3A defending state champs that have move up in play. Would not surprise me are anyone else if they win State.


Bishop Gorman- Many people believe that this is a down year for the Gaels, if they’re going to get back to state,The Big 3 will need to play above good they must play great! At 15-9 (10-1) in League,they have played the hardest non-conference schedule in the City they are battle tested.



Faith Lutheran The Crusaders are led by Nic Maccioni 21.5 point a game and 9.0 rebounds, this team will need everyone to play well. Jaylen Fox will need to give more scoring, Elijah Kothe have been playing well all season they will need him in a big way!!



Durango- At 10-9 (7-3) in League, I am very curious to see what the Trailblazers are going to do in the first round of the playoffs, one thing you can guarantee on they will be playing hard! Demetrius Valdez will need to play big for them.


Cimarron-Memorial– At 18-7 (8-3) the Spartans is a team I would not want to play i the 1st round this team have been playing very well all season. I didn’t know what to expect from this team, but they are one of the teams that I believe that could pull off an upset and shocked the league! Putting everyone on alert, don’t sleep on them!


Sierra Vista- It Look like the Mountain lions will squeeze into the playoffs! 2 words= Maka Ellis!!! This young man is averaging 25.3 point a game and 9.0 rebounds a game they will need all of that and some!!!


It will be a Toss-up for that last playoff spot between Shadow Ridge and Palo Verde, lets see who want it more!! We will find out the Hearts of young Men!!!!