Had a conversation with a good friend of mine, we were talking about the state of the game among our young people, I told him that I believe it’s in good hands. I believe that more emphasis is being put on development,that will create an environment that will help young people understand the importance of training. People must understand that basketball is like life, whatever you put into it, that’s what you will get out of it. That’s real talk!!!! Let’s get down to business!!!


Canyon Springs- The talk is being put out there that this might be one of the best backcourts in the City of Las Vegas. No doubt Chris Hawkins is one of the best true point guards in Las Vegas, in the last 5 games he’s averaging 19.6 a game. He’s a pass first guard that like to get his team involve. c/o 2018 6’1 SG Kevin Legardy is getting some looks from Cal State Fullerton and Idaho Vandals, he’s averaging 15.4 a game and rebound very well for his sizes. At 20-2 the Pioneers have 10 seniors it’s Now or Never for this team, one good advantage that they have is that they play at home in the playoff.


Coronado- The Cougars are a very good team if they are going to make a deep run in the playoff, they will need excellent guard play from all their guards. At 14-9 (9-0 in League) Kennedy Koehler is the heart and soul of this team, he’s averaging 23.3 points a game and 11.1 rebounds a game. At 6’8 255 lbs c/o 2017 Will Weems must play like a Man Child he has good upside, c/o 2017 5’10 Trey Hurlburt is a very good point guard that many people over look in Las Vegas, he can score. This Big 3 must play well!!!!


Rancho– The Rams are 4-2 in there last 6 games if they are going to make any noise it all start with 6’2 c/o 2017 Chrys Jackson and 6’5 c/o 2017 Justin Holiday, this is a very scrappy team. They must get good play from 6’4 c/o 2017 Dayshawn Robinson.


Foothill– The Falcons come in at 20-8 (6-3 in League) there last 3 games they have lost, getting back on a winning track is very important. It all start with point guard 6’3 c/o 2018 Mavin Coleman he’s averaging 14.8 point a game and 8.5 rebounds a game, and 5.4 ast a game. 6’5 Mauricio Smith is averaging 14.3 a game his leadership is going to be big if they are going to make a deep run. 6’5 c/o 2019 Jace Roquemore need to play big for his team, young fella have some game!!



Las Vegas– The Wildcats are a .500 team that have a very good guard in 5’9 c/o 2018 Donovan Joyner he’s averaging 15.2 points a game, and 5.7 rebounds a game, he’s playing well. But if this team is going to do anything they will need 6’6 Marquise Raybon he avg. 16.3 a game and 10.5 rebounds a game. His return is crucial!!


Liberty– The Patriots are 5-0 in there last 5 games, they close out the season with Coronado who 40 piece them the last time they played. I believe they must play well going into the playoffs, everyone must buy in and play well. c/o 2018 Cameron Burist and Dylllan Robinson must play well if this team is going to do anything!!!! I say to c/o 2020 Julian Strawther welcome to the playoffs young fella!!!


These last few spots will be determined between Valley vs.Eldorado and Green Valley vs. Silverado, I call these games the Heart of young Men…