When I decided to cover high school basketball in the Las Vegas Valley, I said that I would dedicate myself to making sure that the small schools would get the same amount of LOVE  as the big schools. Believe me when I tell you that there is talent on all levels, but one thing that happens in Las Vegas it’s a monkey see monkey DO STATE!! So as our brand grows we will continue to push to make sure that the playing field is even. So when i say it’s VEGAS ALL DAY, BELIEVE ME, I MEAN THAT!! I REP THIS CITY!! Next week we will be covering a topic that’s geared towards the parents, In Title: Picking a AAU Program That Best Fit Your Child!!! PS.. QUIT CHASING!!


Cheyenne- At 16-5 (10-0) in League the Desert Shields have been playing some good basketball,they run a very effective motion offense. 6’3 SF Dewayne Alexander very athletic and can get to the basket, c/o 2018 6’2 Kavon Williams have the ability to put up big numbers, and 6’1 SG D’Andre Houston can create his own shoot.This playoff division is going to be competitive. c/o 2020 Ke’Shawn Hall welcome to the playoffs young fella!


Chaparral– The Cowboys 20-6 (10-0) flat-out play hard they run the floor well, they are on a 17 game winning steak. Samuel Porras is averaging 14.4 points a game, this a team that play for each other. Ronnie Hicks and Marcus Hilliard lead the team in rebounding. They’re going to be a tough out for any team they play.



Desert Pines– The Jaguars come into the playoff at 15-11 (8-2) in League play,they are led by senior point guard Capri Uzan he’s averaging 19.5 points a game, Trevon Abdullah-Booker is averaging 16.7 point a game and 10.0 rebounds a game. This is a very experience team that has 11 seniors, focus will be the key for this team, Derrick Coleman, Jalen Graves, and Jordan Simon must play well if they are going to make it to state!! It’s Now are Never for this team!!!!!



VIrgin Valley– The Bulldogs have shown that they can play with the big boy’s, the question will become can they get over the hump. At 19-8 (7-3) in League they have a experience team with 8 seniors and 2 Juniors, they will need to play some very good team ball if they are going to make a run.. Now are Never!!



Del Sol– The Dragons come in at 14-11 (6-4) I will say this don’t sleep on this team, they are led by Jonathan Spearman averaging 15.9 points a game and 9.3 rebounds a game. They are 8-5 in there last 13 games, they have a tough 1st round game against Desert Pines.

Tech– The Roadrunners have a very Big Hill to climb against Cheyenne. They are led by Jurally Orbino at 13.2 points a game.

Western– The Warriors come into the playoff looking to fight, they will play hard against Virgin Valley, Kwan Carter will carry the scoring load at 17.9 points a game and 7.2 rebounds a game.

Sunrise Mountain– The Miners come in to the playoffs by making history it’s there 1st playoff appearance in school history. At 10-13 (4-6) they are led by Steven Adeyemi at 14.8 points a game and 6.7 rebounds a game. Just enjoy the ride!!!


Division 2A

Agassi Perp– At 19-4 (15-1) in League the Stars will come into the playoffs with one thing on there mind it’s state or buss, For this Division they have the best backcourt in the State. c/o 2018 SG Akeemis Williams is averaging 19.2 point a game, and point guard c/o 2019 Najeeb Muhammad  is averaging 14.3 points a game and 4.4 rebounds, 8.7 assists a game. If this team is going to make state they must rebound, and not turn over the ball.


Adelson School– At 18-4 (14-2) the Lions are a very good team with experience, 10 senior 4 Junior they know how to win. They are led by Jake Buchman 15.2 points a game, a balance scoring attack from this team, they make it very hard on their opponents. And it doesn’t  hurt that they have been here before..


The Meadows– The defending state champs will come in fighting at 13-10 (10-4) in League, things have changed but they still have one key element his name is Jake Epstein, he’s averaging 22.5 points a game. Don’t count this team out they will bite you!!



Needles- The Mustang come in at 19-9 (10-6) in league, they rebound very well as a team they are not a push over you better come to play because if not you will go home with a broken heart!! They are led by Trey Tsosie he’s averaging 13.2 a game and 6.4 rebounds a game.


As you can see we cover a lot of basketball in the Valley, and the summer will be NO DIFFERENT!!