I want to share something with parents, this is from one of our articles from late 2015. But before we get started, parents the very first thing that you must understand is that AAU and Grassroots Basketball is Big Business. You must educate yourself are you will be disappointed!!! I want to make it very clear, I Love AAU/Grassroots Basketball!!!!

Let’s get down to Business!!!

POWER. Big time players in the world of basketball are in a constant game of tug-of-war over who controls the power. Shoe companies are after their next star. AAU Coaches are after shoe contracts and the ability to promote their own kids. Neighborhood hustlers are after a return investment from a kid they think will make it. But scouts possess the most power.

And here’s the catch, most scouts have never played the game.


Journalism is the foundation of recruiting. It is the exposure side to grassroots basketball. And when the foundation of basketball is flooded with non basketball guys it can disrupt the entire system.

I am base out of Las Vegas Nevada, and I see a lot of basketball in this area, I am not New to this game, and I honesty can say that I don’t need to be validated by NO ONE!! I’m a FATHER with a VOICE, and by the way, yes i have played…

Here is some of the problems it causes:

It is causing college coaches to lose their jobs. Believe it or not, college coaches are listening to these guys. College coaches are held to a standard by alumni to recruit a certain star player but what does this mean? What does it mean to be a five-star player? Does a number next to a name without an explanation really constitute as a reason to take a player?
Scouts are struggling to define lower level players. Do you know who is going to find the next LeBron James? Everyone. Star players are easily seen. It is easy for most scouts to find the top 150 players in the country. What really makes and breaks a scout is defining lower level players. There is a fine line between a low Division I player and Division II player. A scouts reliability should be tested upon said line.
Scouts are copying each other. If one scout says a player is good, they all say the same thing. The reality is that some of these players aren’t what they are said to be. If one scout makes a mistake no one is correcting it. Many scouts are either afraid to be wrong or do not know enough about the game to stand on their own.

Scouts are acting primarily as spectators. The most athletic players are often the most promoted. It is a popularity contest, and in the world of social media it has become easy to get a scholarship. 1. Be athletic. 2. Make a highlight tape with a couple of good moves. 3. Lie about a couple of stats on twitter. Scouts are all flocking to the same players. When do the other kids get a chance to be scouted?

What I am doing here is helping parents understand that homework is a must on your behalf, because these individuals who call themselves credible sources can be question!

Picking A Program: Picking a program in the City of Las Vegas is not easy, the first thing you must do is find out, who they are and how long they have been around, and what’s their track record in helping children get to school! PS that’s KEY!!

You as a parent must understand that some programs are looking for players that can play in high level atmospheres, and if your child doesn’t fit that, please don’t take it personal! keep looking. As a parent you must understand that this is not High School basketball, most schools in the valley play within a system, that fit your child skill set.

High Major Programs: don’t have time to teach your child how to make a lay-up!! Thats Just Real Talk!! These type of teams play on a circuit and they are looking for GO PLAYERS!! Don’t get me wrong they do develop, but on a high level!!

Mid-Major Programs: These are very competitive programs that are making the transition, but are still more concerned with developing the child to make him or her a better player. To be honest i really like programs like this because it’s teaching and training.

Parent’s every person that says that they are about your children are NOT, and every person that says that they can get your child into school CAN’T. It’s your responsibility to make sure all the bases are cover.

In the City of Las Vegas you see a lot of team hopping, this is do to parents not doing there Homework, I will say this to all, MONEY can’t buy you a position nothing is Guaranteed everything is earned!!

So parents as you can see there’s much to this, we could be here all night but this should give you some type of foundation to stand on. Remember the race is not to the Swift nor the Strong, but to the one who can endure to the END!!!

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