To be honest I’m really trying to gather my thoughts on this AAU season, there are a lot of things that’s going on in the City. A lot of programs are keeping quiet, but you better believe that it will be some good basketball played this summer. Before I get started I just want to talk a little bit about so many unsigned seniors in the City of Las Vegas. I’m really directing this conversation to my younger crowd, the Hoop Game is not so easy to crack there’s a lot of work behind getting basketball scholarships to play at the next level. I hear so many young people turning down D2,D3 and JC offers, it really  doesn’t make any sense to me. Everyone will not play at the D1 level that’s REAL TALK, parents must get a grip on reality and understand that it’s only a few that will play at that high level. By the way parents this is not a reality show!!! Homework must be done by you as the parent, and some of these AAU coaches must stop lying to our children, you as young people must understand that this is a BUSINESS and you are the investment!!!! Young people you must understand NO COACH can LOVE you more than YOU LOVE yourSELF that investment is untouchable,REMEMBER THAT!!!! SO LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS!!!

When we started to study all the Top scouting services, and basketball gurus we seen that the c/o 2018 Point Guards are down on the west coast, some may disagree, put its true I do my Homework!! 24/7 sports  have Brandon Williams of Crespi High CA. rank #5, Elijah Hardy of Bishop O’Dowd rank #23, in the Top 25. I said all that to say, this is a great opportunity for Las Vegas point guards to make a Name for themselves this summer in the c/o 2018. EYBL Las Vegas Prospects picks up 6’4 PG Marvin Coleman who avg. 14 pts 5.2 ast and  8.0 reb a game, this young fella have good size and have demonstrated leadership qualities.img_4460

I see the EYBL Las Vegas Prospects have pick up Muir (CA) 6’5 G/F Hunter Woods, who avg.13.4 points 8.9 Rebounds and 3.9 assists,and 2.0 steals and 1.8 blocks a game, a very nice addition.


The (Adidas) Las Vegas Knicks will headline c/o 2019 6’4 PG Sedrick Hammonds and 6’5 Nick Blake, both are young but can play with the big boys. 6’7 F Orlando Robinson is a good-looking prospects, over the last 2 years this young man have made great progress, he will make some noise this summer. img_1878

The Knicks will also highlight 6’5 SG James Bridges who holds 4 D1 offers according to HC Lamar Bigby, unsigned Sr. Isaiah Banks will also be playing with team..

I will say this about the Las Vegas Olympians don’t sleep on them, they will have good guard play from unsigned Sr. 5’10 Cris Dominguez 11.2 point 7.2 ast, 6’6 Dillon Voyles of Reno will be running with LVO, he has a nice pull up game, and can put ball on floor and get to the basket. This 17U team will be a good one!!C3MzTzYUYAAoK--

The Vegas Elite program will not be competing in the Adidas uprising,they will focus more on pangos tournaments and local play, the c/o 2018 is a very good class for this program. 6’6 SF Jamal Bey is one of the Top players in the c/o 2018 on the west coast, they also have 6’4 SG Trey Woodbury who has made a name for himself, young fella really played well this season. 6’6 SF c/o 2019 Ian Alexander will play up with team, the lost of 6’4 PG Marvin Coleman was big, but this program will be fine.img_2492

702 ATTACK will be a very good team that focus on fundamentals and help developing children to become better players, they have a good one in 6’5 SG/SF Je’rell Springer. They have players that will work hard like,(6’5 SF Trevon Abdullah-Brooker) and play together. Look forward to seeing what they put on the floor. C6MLrTZXQAUZ2Ya

In this business I have accepted the responsibility of finding out as much information as possibly on programs in the City of Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Punishers will be a program made up of 2017 players, headline by 5’6 PG Chris Hawkins, 6’1 SG James Fuller, 2 players from Carson Nev. 6’6 F Jayden Dejoseph, 6’7 Terrence Allen, 6’6 Ryan Djino, time will tell if this program will gel together.img_1914


As I open up in the very beginning, saying that AAU Season is Go Time.Young people must understand that they are playing for something much more greater than the name on a jersey, they are playing to give themselves an opportunity to gain a free education. I always tell young people, never ask a person to do for you, what you can do for yourself!! Young people be in control of your future,never let a man uses you to their advantage… Remember: Basketball is like LIFE whatever you put into it that’s what, you will get out of it!!! 

As the season progresses we will be covering many more programs, and many more players..