It’s 8:10 am Monday morning and most people in American are getting themselves ready for work, personally I chose another route in life to take. I decided a long time ago to pursue my goals and my dreams in my own way, I had an opportunity to look at the Ball Brothers mini documentary. It was much that was said if you read in between the lines from what the father was saying, it comes down to one word, its CONTROL!! Let’s take a look at the definition of the word (CONTROL) 1.The power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events. 2. To check ,test,or verify by evidence or experiments. What you are seeing here is something very unique, the father (LaVar Ball) is educating his son’s on how to market themselves in a world that is dominated by manipulation.Unknown-1 Unknown

Basketball has become a Billion dollar business and most of the money is made off the inner-city Children, to tell you the truth I write to empower young people, so that they may educate themselves in the world of business. The word Educate derives from a Latin Terminology, just which means To bring out of you, that which is inside of you.. Most people may not like what I’m about to say, but tell you the truth I don’t give a damn, the NCAA is filled with a bunch of hypocrites and liars. The language today among the masses of the people who are in grassroots basketball is based around Free Education, let me help you understand something NOTHING IS FREE!!! These big time Marketing industries (in Basketball) will never teach young people on how to be free and independent, so parents you must stay up on game because if you don’t you will be put to sleep by lies and promises. In this section read what I wrote in 2015: “They say that capitalism is the American way is it really, are has it been taken to another level when it’s dealing with youth athletics. Grassroots basketball has become a big industry for corporate America our children are being use for Capital gain the purity of the game has been taken out. Our children are being exploited in such a way that it is destroying their mental and physical toughness when it comes to becoming a better player”.

Billions of dollars are generated off these high-profile Tournaments throughout the country, we are based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and were the Mecca of basketball on the West Coast. Believe me when I tell you, people will go the extra mile to get what they want, it’s a monopoly game with these young players. I’m not new to this I have two sons, one has graduated from college and now he is in grad school becoming a Lawyer and  an educator. My youngest is a 15-year-old sophomore in high school and has some game, but the one thing I teach him is that he must be in CONTROL of his future. My son soul is a soul that the system can’t have!!!


It’s nothing wrong with pursuing a basketball scholarship and desiring to play at the next level, but understand that you as a Student-Athlete have a responsibility to yourself!! I teach my son anytime someone tells you that something is free you better question them, that’s the only problem I have with AAU basketball. What we are really seeing in the landscape of high school and Grassroots basketball is a New Paradigm shift in the mental education of the game. So I say to the young Hooper’s in the City of las Vegas you must educate yourself, basketball is a business on many levels, even when you are dealing with High School coaches, AAU coaches and especially college coaches.

Let me help you to see something, this information is from 2013: (From the Most popular

The summer tournaments themselves bring in plenty of revenue.

NY2LA Sports will host two events in the coming weeks. The first will cost $550 for a team to register with play in the 14-under, 15-under, 16-under and 17-under divisions. The second will cost $650 and will be open to teams that play 15U-17U. Events average between 40 and 60 teams per age division. At minimum, the first event will earn $88,000 just for teams to have the right to play. NY2LA also charges between $175-$300 for coaches packets that provide information on the players to college recruiters.

Joy of the Game’s Chicago summer classic charges $495 for boys teams from 15U-17U. Boys from 9U-14U pay $350. Adidas Super 64 in Las Vegas charges $700 per team. This is not an attack on Tournaments,this is helping you parents to see how much money is generated in this world of basketball, off the backs of our children.

What I’m trying to help young people to see is that you are a marketing tool, and if you don’t take advantage of it someone else will. You must know your self-worth and understand that education is not free under a system that is designed to manipulate your mind into thinking only one way. This is way LaVar Ball is such a thorn into the side of social media and radio personalities!!!

I Love our young people, they must have a thorough knowledge of themselves in order to be a FREE INDEPENDENT THINKER!!!  VEGAS ALL DAY I REP THIS CITY!!!