Just a few words of encouragement to our class of 2019, your success is determined on the level of commitment that you give to what you are trying to achieve. Scholarships don’t just walk through the door you must put in the TIME and WORK HARD, your ATTITUDE determines your ALTITUDE!! Remember young people LOVE is an action word and when you LOVE something you work when NOBODY else is looking.. This is what separate you from everyone else, In the c/o 2019 I can tell who is working and who is not working it shows in their skill set. PS, THAT’S JUST REAL TALK!!!! Lets Get Down To Business!!! Had someone asked me am I Bias, I told him for what,I just tell the Truth, PS. I DON’T GET PAID!!! Lol!!!


1). When we talk about big men in the City of Las Vegas this young fella will always be in my conversation, soft hands good footwork, and nice post moves. At 6’5 PF Antwon Jackson of Clark High can play, he’s undersized for a Power Forward, but he is a FORCE.. He will play for the Las Vegas Prospects 16u AAU Program.img_3276


2). I had an opportunity to see this young man play quite a bit this season, long and athletic can shoot the deep three ball and he plays good defense. At 6’4″ SG Nick Blake of Durango High can play.. He will play for the Las Vegas Knicks 17u AAU ProgramIMG_2156_large


3). This young man has the ability to be a great defensive point guard, long very athletic and will get all up in you. This summer he will play up this is a good opportunity for him to work on his PG skills. At 6’3″ PG Sedrick Hammonds of Clark High will play for the Las Vegas Knicks 17u AAU Program. IMG_1919_large


4). We often hear the word upside being used a lot, but in this case this young man does have that, very long run floor well, also rebound the ball very good. Must work on ball skills it will make him even a bigger threat!! At 6’5 WF Jalen Hill of Clark High will play for the Las Vegas Prospects 16u AAU Program. Played well this season.. IMG_1928_large


5). This young fella played well this season, he’s a part of a back court that will be one of the best in 2018. If you leave him open he has shown that he can knock down the open shot, this summer will be good for him to work on his ball skills. At 6’5″ PG Jace Roquemore of Foothill High will play for the Las Vegas Prospects 16u AAU ProgramIMG_3392_large


6). When we talk about Ball hawk defenders this is one of the best in the City of Las Vegas, very good work ethic, gym rat, and have the desire to get better. This summer must work on pull up game.. He help propel his team to a State title. At 5’11” PG Najeeb Muhammad,of Agassi Prep will play for 702 Attack 17u AAU Programimg_4282


7). This young man is a very smart player not just on the court, put also off the court, had a very good season help his team make it to the State title game. Run floor well for his size, have showed that he can knock 15ft. jump shot, also rebound very good. At 6’5 WF Ian Alexander of Clark High, will play for Vegas Elite 17u AAU ProgramIMG_1923_large


8). Young fella did not play a lot this year, but don’t get it twisted this young fella can play, he played on a team with a D 1 point guard just got to wait his turn. At 6’2″ PG Chance Michels of Bishop Gorman High will play for the Las Vegas Prospects 16u AAU ProgramIMG_2506_large


9). When you play behind a stacked Squad that does not mean you can’t play, this summer is a great opportunity for this young man to show the City of Las Vegas that he can play with anybody. At 5’8″ PG Joel Burney of Clark High will play for the Las Vegas Knicks 16u AAU Program. IMG_1916_large


10). When given the opportunity this young man show flashes that he can play, this (Arbor View High) program and system as I said before will need to make some changes. At 6’0 Tyree Williams of Arbor View can play this game, he will play for M’PYRE 16u AAU ProgramIMG_2257_large


*** Players to Watch 

6’3″ SG Jonathan Thomas, Eldorado High/ AAU Program: Las Vegas Knicks 16u

5’11 PG Daniel Plummer,Agassi Prep/AAU: Vegas Elite ** Was Hurt doing the season

6’2″ WF Damion Bonty,Cheyenne High/AAU:M’YPER 16u  ** Play on the State Championship Runner up Team

6’1” SG Mervin Soares, Canyon Springs High/AAU: ??? ** Very Athletic Don’t Sleep

6’3″ SF Chris Jackson, Mojave High/AAU: Las Vegas Prospects 16u ** Very long and Athletic

5’10 PG Calvin Richardson, Sierra Vista/ ** Torn ACL, Young fella can play.


*** NEXT WEEK, We will continue to review the 2016-17 season in detail, Next up the anticipated Class of 2018!!! SOME OF VEGAS BEST!! 


*** We also look forward to Covering those young Phenom in the Class of 2021!! SOME OF VEGAS YOUNG BEST!!!