Been away from my lab top for a few weeks now, past 2 weeks was in Phoenix and California checking out SOME OF VEGAS BEST. This new class of players are keeping the momentum going that has been set by Players from the past and the likes of Troy Brown, Chuck O’Bannon, and Christian Popoola who are all very good players. This past weekend Las Vegas Rep the City well at Pangos Spring Spectacular in California, I made some bold statements this weekend one in particular, when I said Las Vegas is closing the Gap on these big States! One thing I come to understand about writing is you will NEVER make EVERYONE HAPPY, I’m very cool with that because at the end of the day I understand you must separate your feeling from THIS!! Most people see Las Vegas Nevada, as the little brother on the Block, but I beg to different!! I write from the perspective of a big Brother who does not allow NO ONE to bully him on the Block, It’s just that simple!! So as I travel from coast to coast to see SOME OF VEGAS BEST I look to write about players from our City, especially those players that don’t get NO LOVE they are call DIAMONDS IN THE RUFF!! So as a Father and an Independent Journalist I REP THIS CITY, VEGAS ALL DAY!! WE COVER HIGH SCHOOL HOOPS, GRASSROOTS, AND AAU ALL DAY! So let’s get down to Business.

Tweeted out this morning that this player MIGHT be the best in his c/o 2018 in Las Vegas, most can say what they want but this young man stock is going through the roof. Just Real Talk. He had a very good weekend, he drop 29 points against Belmont Shore AAU Club, and had an all around good weekend. Trey Woodbury of 2018 Vegas Elite AAU Club: IMG_6351.JPG

This young man Had a very strong performance at Pangos Spring Spectacular c/o 2017 unsigned senior 6’5″ Trevor Abdullah of 702 Attack was very active on the glass, also knock down the 3 ball. He average 17 ppg. and 6 reb. over the weekend. IMG_6406.JPG

Las Vegas Punishers AAU Program showed up and showed out with a great performance from 6’5″ SG Justin Holiday against Compton Magic he lit it up with 35 points in a lost, before a pack House. His partner in crime demonstrated leadership skill by being a floor General as usual. The Night before the 5’6 PG c/o 2017 unsigned senior Chris Hawkins lit it up with a 30 point performance against TeamZonaPNR. Unsigned senior 6’3 SG James Fuller also played very solid this weekend. C856heCWsAAco7p

6’6 Jamal Bey of Vegas Elite played very well, showed that he can pull up and knock down shots, also played above the rim. Against Belmont Shore he had his way with a 24 point performance. IMG_6382.JPG


Vegas Elite 2020 Squads is a very good team with a lot of team chemistry, but Saturday evening they ran into one of the Top 16U teams in the Country Compton Magic. I was more impressed with PG Zaon Collins, young fella played with so much poise in the face of adversity. He will be a problem in the FUTURE.. Might catch some heat, but this is the best PG in his Class in Las Vegas! #PangosSpectacular SOME OF VEGAS YOUNG BESTIMG_6033.JPG

This young Fella is a worker in all phase of the game, he rebound, can take you off the dribble and plays above the rim. 6’5 SF Je’rell Springer of 702 Attack had a very good showing he average 18 ppg. 7 rpg. 4 ast, The shirt that he has own speak to how hard this young man plays. C88DtOBVYAA8wVE

What would it look like Me not giving Love to ONE of our OWN, even though he played for another team outside of our City. This young Man got some game!! Mr. Maka Ellis of Belmont Shore, he had a good weekend.IMG_6398.JPG

Other Top Performers:

Capri Uzan of 702 Attack avg. 14.5ppg and 6ast. a game. An unsigned senior.

Maui SeraJosef of 702 Attack avg. 13ppg 6rpg 4apg

Noah Taitz of  2020 Vegas Elite 25 pts. game.

T.Lang & M.Williams  of Las Vegas punishers both with 25pts Performances.

  • This weekend we will be treated to the Bigfoot Hoops Easter Classic, in the U17 Division we will see all of the Las Vegas Teams.. IT SHOULD BE FUN!!!!