I always like to start with something that I believe that could benefit young people. Anytime I write, it has to be based around constructive conversation, if I say something I will never go back on what was said, I always try to think 5 times before I speak. This past week I made a very controversial statement. when I said, For some of our children the HYPE MACHINE is KILLING Them!! Adults STOP IT!! Let’s bring more clarity to what I mean by that, let’s look at the word OVERHYPE, 1). Make exaggerated claims about (a product,idea, or event 2). Excessive publicity or promotion. 

We have all heard the saying, TO MUCH OF SOMETHING IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!! We must bring balance to what’s going on, many of these young men have not finished high school, it’s nothing wrong with promoting our Children in the City of Las Vegas, but we must be careful because SOME of these young men are not mentally capable of dealing with adversity when it strikes them. I MUST SPEAK THE TRUTH, IT’S NOT THE CHILDREN, IT’S US AS ADULTS WHO ARE OVER DOING IT!! BELIEVE ME I REP THIS CITY, not just a certain demographic area, but the whole entire Valley. We must tell these young men the truth, College Coaches look for many things in young ball players, are you a good fit for their program, how are your grades, what is your work ethic like. what is your ATTITUDE LIKE!!! DO YOU WORK HARD 24/7 ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!! Young Ball Players, let me put you up on Game, College Coaches don’t come to see how nice the Club Director is, they don’t come to see how nice your uniforms are, they come TO SEE YOU THE PLAYER!!! They want to know if you can perform and be productive, they don’t care about how many games you have won for your AAU Team, as I said before they COME TO SEE YOU!!! REMEMBER THAT!!!!!! YOUNG BALL PLAYERS make sure you get your MIND right College is a different Beast KNOW THAT!! I love all the offers that I see being given to Las Vegas Players, for the last 2 1/2 years I have been pushing the City of Las Vegas To get more RESPECT from around the Country!!! SO NO ONE CAN QUESTION MY COMMITMENT TO THE CITY!!! (LIKE I SAID) IT’S VEGAS ALL DAY, WE REP OUR CITY!!! I THOUGHT YOU KNEW!!! Just a Little Food For Thought!!!! 

I must tell the TRUTH I have spoken to some College Coaches and some of them have said, that they don’t KNOW anything about giving Some players offers to their Program, and a lot of this is going on around the Country. Integrity is everything for a Man who oversees the well-being of young Men, I must make it very clear I’m not in the business of making a PRO Basketball player, I don’t ATTACK people, I ATTACK SYSTEMS!!! I support ALL Of Las Vegas AAU Programs that are about our Children, believe me I know some don’t particularly care for some of the things I write, but your opinions don’t motivate me to do what I do!!

Let’s Get Down To Business!!

The Vegas Elite Program have some very good players that are making some NOISE in the LANDSCAPE OF BASKETBALL RECRUITING, I believe going into the 2017-18 school year these are some of the Top Players in the c/o 2018:

1). 6’6 SF Jamal Bey of Bishop Gorman, he is really playing well-during this spring, showing that he can do many things at his size. This past week at the TERRIFIC 24 in Indianapolis College Coaches were on hand to watch him. He is a High Major Players!!C-7X2nlW0AAwtOs

2). 6’4 Trey Woodbury of Clark High, has elevated his stock in a major way showing College Coaches that he is one of the Toughest players in Las Vegas. This young man has been playing consistently for sometime, his jump shot has improved, and he is consistently playing above the rim. Played very well in Pangos Sweet 16 and TERRIFIC 24 in Indianapolis, He is a HOT Prospects In Las Vegas!!IMG_7030 

3). It’s very unique how technology has evolved in the 21st Century, we can watch high school games and AAU games from anywhere in the country. 6’3 PG Marvin Coleman of Foothill High, is playing very well on the hardest AAU (EYBL) Circuit in the Country. He is making plays through contact and averaging almost a double-double through his 1st 8 games, he lead his team in scoring 11.1 ppg. and 2nd in rebounds 5.9 a game, that’s BIG TIME! He is the Best point guard in the c/o 2018 in Las Vegas.C9462OHWAAASeuw

4). 6’5 SG Maka Ellis of Sierra Vista High, is one young man who I really enjoyed interviewing he’s very respectful and you can tell that he’s committed to a work ethic that’s making him a better player. This young man has a nice pull game and is getting better on the defensive end. He will have no problem with getting in a school of his choice. Stock is going through the roof!!IMG_7273

5). Unsigned senior 6’5 Je’rell Springer of 702 Attack, Stock is flying High young man is receiving a lot of inquires about his status, Coach Mel of 702 Attack is doing a good job by keeping this young man relevant. He played very well in the Pangos Sweet 16 and the Earl Watson Elite Tournament. This young man stock is quietly going through the roof!IMG_7131

Last week Las Vegas was treated to the Earl Watson Elite Showcase live period event.

c/o 2020 6″1 SG Dominic Ford of Durango high, had a great shooting game, young fella put on a shooting exhibition. They were down by 25 and he literally shot them back into the game. This young player is a face to wacth for in the future. SOME OF VEGAS YOUNG BEST!!IMG_0086.JPG

How about that Simply Fundamental Basketball Team, they have very good team chemistry and have some Next Level players, there is NO HYPE around them they just play hard. In back to back weeks they have Won Pangos Sweet 16 Invite Division, and E.W.E Spring Classic, both were Live Period Event. Many College Coaches were on hand to see the Alaskan Assassin c/o 2020 6’3 PG Daishen Nix of Trinity International, young man Basketball IQ and court vision is very high for his age. Young man has the tools to be one of the best Point Guards in Las Vegas, regardless of Class!!


Las Vegas if you are looking for some Good Video Men, their are two that i highly recommend:

1). Mychal Martinez contact him at: reelprospects.com Videographer/Video Editor… A professional looking recruiting video can greatly increase your chances of getting looked at by college coaches #reelprospects

2). Jermaine Seagears of Work Or Don’t Eat, contact him at: WorkOrDONTEAT.com Videographer/Video Editor, Motivational speaker, and Basketball Trainer

It the end of the Day it’s about promoting the Best that VEGAS has to offer on all Levels!!!!