Over the past year of me writing about youth basketball in the City of Las Vegas, I have accumulated over 1218 followers that read my post. Not just in the City of Las Vegas but all over this Continent, I learned a long time ago never asked a man to do for you, what you can do for yourself!! I Told myself once I started, I would help put Las Vegas on the Map it’s BIGGER then Basketball, It’s about RESPECT for the Inner City Hooper’s!! This Open Letter to the Inner City Ball players is not just for players in Las Vegas, it’s for young Hooper’s all over this Country. LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS!!!IMG_0299

Dear Young Hooper’s,

Being raised in Inglewood/ Los Angeles Calif. in the mid 80’s was different, gang violence was at an all time high and by the early 90’s people were dying at an all time high. That same epidemic was plaguing the East Coast, Midwest, and the Dirty South so if you were about that hoop game there was a certain mentality that came with you. I Love the Inner city there is NO privilege that comes along with it, everything is earned!!  If you stepped on a black top playground you better make damn sure you had some game!! Because if not you probably would not want to come back, after you had your ASS handed to you!! That is just real Talk!! Your commitment to the game was a lot different, because most came from very difficult circumstances, so your Will to Fight was Strong!! What I am trying to help young players from the Inner City see is that, Love for Self is very important. I see all these basketball gurus writing articles about how they are professional experts, mix tape videos, and all these Trainers charging parents X amount of dollars to train.. Tell you the truth the only thing that gets you better is your Commitment to Excellence!! We have a saying in the Inner City That the CREAM WILL RISE TO THE TOP, many look at LeBron James and Kevin Durant, and say they are Great, but most forget they came from the Inner city and raised under extreme circumstances. Countless hours have been given to their craft, in order to become that type of player you must SACRIFICE, YOURSELF DAY AND NIGHT!!! REMEMBER TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN MUCH IS REQUIRED!! com_120926_espnw_doin_it_trailer

The game has not changed, the MINDSET of the people has changed. Young Hooper’s you must understand how to meet and overcome adversity, every time you JUMP SHIP when the water’s get rough you weaken your WILL to FIGHT!!! I see so many player”s in Las Vegas Team hopping it’s crazy, most of these Coaches are only looking for Ranking’s and SELF Gratification wins!! You must understand that developing and getting better must become your best friend, Remember InterCity Hooper’s NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE YOU, LIKE YOU LOVE YOURSELF, YOU BETTER REMEMBER THAT!! DON’T ALLOW YOURSELF TO GET CAUGHT UP IN THE MATRIX SYSTEM!! You must stay focused on becoming the best player that you can BE…


I hear so many people throwing the word MECCA around, first and foremost let me give you a better understanding of what it means. (MECCA) It mean where wisdom and knowledge of the original man first started, when the Planet was found.. So you must be careful when you use words, when you don’t know what they mean.

From a Basketball stand point I due to understand what most in the basketball field mean. In all do respect Las Vegas Basketball, have not arrive to that point, from a players stand point. The BASKETBALL KILLA ATTITUDE IS NOT BEING INSTILL IN MOST PLAYER’S IN THE CITY!!

IF we are going to change the CULTURE and the MINDSET ,we must tell the TRUTH!!