Over the years I have had the opportunity to be around a lot of successful people, and one thing that they all have in common is the relationships that they have built with people. The same thing exists in this game call Basketball the landscape of recruiting has changed, years ago many High School Coaches were the life line for High School players but that is not the case anymore. I know some people will disagree with me but many know that I am telling the truth, in my case I’m in a very unique situation. My son has a high school coach that played grassroots basketball and (D1) College Ball, who has a lot of friends on many different levels in the College game. As a father who has a son that plays high school basketball and grassroots, it can be very tricky at times and most parents don’t understand that you are NOT playing CHECKERS you are playing CHESS, its like the ART OF WAR! DCYdE9EVwAAbLB5I want to make it very clear high school basketball is very important, there are a lot of programs that are ran the right way, and there are some Dam good high school coaches out there. Let’s be honest though College coaches are reaching out more to grassroots coaches because they are more involved and connected with the players and information is more accessible. In good grassroots programs, yes I said good grassroots programs, because there are some BAD ones out there, that don’t have what is in the best interest of our Children. The good ones look to place the children in positions to win on and off the court. We must understand as parents, finding the right program is very important, ask questions, get to know the Club Director, do your history homework on the program, find out the coaches relationships with College programs. This information is for the parents that are New to this Game, it comes with a lot of POLITICS and if you are not ready it will mess you UP!! Lol!!! For me it’s just a little bit different I’m with an up and coming program that fits my personality, this young brother is very passionate about what he does, and he is relentless in his effort of creating relationships with College Coaches. I have to tell the truth these type of moves may not be good for everyone, but I know its good for ME!! The more I become involved the more I learn, I do a lot of writing on the landscape of High School basketball in Las Vegas so when I’m on these trips I run into a lot of College Coaches and my job is to pick their Brains if I can.IMG_1058My job is to empower the parents that don’t know the landscape of the game, its big business and the investment is your Child. I understand my son will not be a Big Time recruit but he will play at the Next level, my job is to find the right fit for his game,and in order to do that I must be involved. I don’t like to use the word FREE because nothing is FREE in this World, but Education is the goal and if our Children can do that through the game they love, then it’s our job as parents to protect what’s in their best interest!


Let Me give you parents some information from one of my previous articles (August 26,2016) : Entitle 

College Basketball & Scholarship Opportunities


But how many of these young men and women really know what it takes to qualify? To be honest most parents and coaches don’t have a clue themselves, so what we want to do is help you to understand the seriousness of our children applying themselves. 

* There are approximately 351 Division I schools, average team size for men’s basketball is 16 players per team. The number of athletic scholarships per team for division 1 is 13; the athletic funding for each male player average is $14,958.

*  There are approximately 316 Division II schools, there are only 313 men’s basketball teams, average team size is 17 players per team. The number of scholarships given out per team is 10 and the average athletic scholarship funding is $6067 per player.

* There are approximately 447 Division III schools, there are only 424 men’s basketball teams, the average team size is 18 players per team athletic scholarships various. There are no guarantees at the Division III level of athletic scholarships!

* Between the NAIA Division I,II schools there are  approximately 228 teams, the  average team size is 20 players.  Athletic scholarships limit per team in Division I(11), Division II(6) average athletic scholarship is $7,231 Division I, Division II is $ 5,392.

* There are approximately 438 NJCAA schools. The average players per team is 15 and the number of athletic scholarships per team is 15 average funding per player is $2432.

Social media has taken the sports community by storm and many of our children focus on rankings and they lose sight on what it takes to be prepared for the next level academically. The word “education” derives from a Latin terminology, which means to bring out of you that which is inside of you. It is very important for parents to become more acquainted with the U.S. college index quick facts on all U.S. four-year colleges per state. Such information gives you a heads up on things that you may not be informed on.


July is around the Corner and We know what that Mean:

College Coaches will be filling these Gym, so players make sure you are on your A Game!!!