Before we get started the landscape of basketball in Las Vegas is growing, remember you heard it here first, there are two types of style of play, that is forming in the greater Las Vegas area. The hard nose style is when players, do anything to get the win, there is NO friendship in this style of play. They believe that the deck of cards are stacked against them and they play like there is NO tomorrow! And on the other hand you have this different type of play that is more finesse and not physical, these type of players don’t pick up 94ft. its base around more skill and less FIGHT! You will start to see it come out more doing this up coming Basketball High school season (2017-18). I must reiterate to all I’m not a scout or a Talent evaluator, I just have a good eye for the game, in the City of Las Vegas! Lets Get Down To Business!!

It’s always good to take a look at some of the Talent that is coming onto the high school scene, there are a few players that stand out in the Class of 2021, so lets look at SOME OF VEGAS YOUNG BEST!

1).  PG 5’10 Zaon Collins, is a very smart player that makes everyone around him better, for his age young fella plays with poise and he’s always under control. Strengths: Competitor, Killer instinct, very good ball handler, Don’t let the baby face fool you! C8_hxdoU0AAG75G


2).  WF 6’4 Glenn Taylor, This young fella has the feel for getting buckets, he’s ahead of schedule, he has good upside, love his motor!! and he plays defense, which is a lost art among this young generation! Strengths: Slasher, Rebounder, Get Buckets! IMG_1375


3). 5’11 PG Kobe Stroughter, you need a point guard, look NO further this young fella love to drop dimes! He is very crafty with the basketball he will only get better in time! Strengths: Ball skills, very good IQ IMG_1393.JPG


4). CG 6’2 Drake Booker, This young fella has the tools to be a very special player, can score in many different ways. He is 1 of the Top players in his class at this point in the City of las Vegas. You can’t deny that! Strengths: Athletic, Ball skills, Can Score… C9alnLjUwAAZuBC


5). WF 6’2 Will McClendon, This young fella is expected to be a very good prospect, run floor well knock down open shoots, plays good team ball. Strengths: Rebounder, Knock down shots, Make Plays DBBrqPqVYAAOGBB

These are just a few of the players that really stood out to me, I know there are a lot more that will make some noise this summer. The class of 2021 will be a good class, but it has a way to go to catch the c/o 2020 

Vegas All Day! Just a City Thing!