Had to stop from writing an article just to reflect on a movie being put together right before our eye’s. For the last few years the talk has been about the Sensational player from the Northwest Valley Troy Brown Jr of (Centennial high). We’re always hearing  about Gorman and the athletes they have. But it’s a breath of fresh air when we hear about children from the public schools in the valley who are doing very well. A few years back someone told me that there is this young fella who has the potential to be a very good player in the future. I went to see him play at his middle school, which I noticed that he is head and shoulders above the rest. Going into his freshmen year it was a lot of pressure that was around him, some people may beg to differ but at time you could see Julian pressing. Later in the season, I seen him play against Foothill high which made me see another side come out of him, his will to win the game and the fight he showed throughout the entire time.img_4451

Now at 6’6″ this young fella is coming into his own. The beginning of this AAU season, he was on the California United U15 Team. The team was dismantled for personal reasons but he quickly found himself being moved up to play U16 which is where he started to play very well with many games above average. I will continue to say, Las Vegas has a lot of talent that just needs to be groomed on all levels. Ju Ju as they call him had one game where he drop 41 points on the New York Rens which is a very respected program on the circuit. I must be honest the EYBL Circuit is the cream of the crop, if you play well the sky is the limit. As we all can see the offers are starting to roll in and many colleges would like his services in the future. Speaking to his father briefly (I personally don’t know him) he says, “I’m just making sure I keep him HUMBLE throughout this whole process”.DGk8xOGUAAAGCZZ

The main character to this movie is Julian Strawther of Liberty High school, this young fella also just received a letter of invitation to the Team USA junior national team mini-camp. So lets sit back and enjoy the movie as it plays out, we still have 3 more years to enjoy him. DG5aTd1VYAAwnou

One thing I want to remind everyone is that this young fella is still young and growing, so let’s make sure we support all of his up’s and down’s! The future is bright at the end of the tunnel!! May God Bless you with great success Young Fella!!  Remember: WORK OVER HYPE!