I’m reading a very interesting book called Creatures from Jekyll Island, it talk’s about how the Federal Reserve was created by 6 men who had a vision. People who read my articles will quickly come to understand that. I’m put here to cause you to think about the things that I write. The high school ranking system has a few platforms, one is National and the others are Regional and Local, they are made-up of men who give their personal opinion.

Let’s take a look at what the definition of OPINION means= A view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on Fact or Knowledge.

Who are some of the key ranking systems made-up of: Here are a few players in the game, ESPN100, 24/7sports, Scout.com, Rivals, These are supposed to be the experts in the game of Talent evaluation and scouting. Oftentimes they miss the mark on a lot of players when it’s pass the TOP 50, after the Top 50 the playing field becomes very even.

To those who do not understand what Composite Rankings are, let’s see if we can bring some understanding to the word composite. COMPOSITE: It’s a grouping of equities, indexes or other factors, combined in a standardized way, which provides a useful statistical measure of overall market or sector performance overtime.

From a basketball standpoint this just means that computers that are generated by Men,  combine all of these ranking systems into one database and come up with a COMPOSITE    projection of a players performance based off game statistics.


I’m not confined to a Chronological order of addressing this Topic on High School basketball Ranking. What you are seeing is a classic example of a Cartel Structure in the High School Ranking System, it has become Big Business. Men are being paid to give these  projections on players throughout the country and College Coaches are biting on the bait! 

Let’s see what the book Creatures from Jekyll Island say on the word: CARTEL, (it’s a group of independent men which join together to coordinate the production, pricing, or marketing of their members). The purpose of a cartel is to reduce competition and thereby increase profitability.

From a local standpoint its very important for me (Unit 1 Hoop Source) to push our City (Las Vegas) and talk about players that don’t get talked about on a Regional or National level. It is very important that I give honest opinions that are based around Actual facts on players from the City of Las Vegas! A lot of these Ranking Systems have no clue about players in Las Vegas and if you don’t pay to play in these Showcase events you will never get your respect. In my opinion, a lot of these Showcase events are overrated.

Most Regional Rankings don’t focus on most mid-level players, which makes it very hard for them to identify with players that are not being push by their High Schools and AAU programs. Coaches must do a better job by creating relationships that can have impact on players, recruitment, and exposure.

I will say this to all young players in Las Vegas, Stop focusing on Ranking PLAY TO GET BETTER! YOUR GAME WILL DO THE TALKING!


Unit 1 Hoop Source will continue to track the progress of players in the City of Las Vegas. So, as the game grows we must also grow with it. There are 3 things that we will be looking for this upcoming season: ProductionConsistency, and Performance on the Defensive end.