Why most people wrap their minds around the NFL and College Football, analyzing the landscape of high school basketball in Las Vegas don’t stop. I believe when you want to change something in LIFE there must be a level of SACRIFICE, Commitment and Dedication, all of these things must be at the top of the list. What I am doing is showing young people how to take nothing and make it into something through the lost art of WRITING. UNIT 1 HOOP SOURCE will become the #1 writing service in the City of Las Vegas on high school Basketball! I will make sure our children in this western region have a platform to be heard and spoken about.

There are plenty of guards that make up the c/o 2018 in las Vegas, but there are some young men that have demonstrated a level of play that must be given credit. Let’s take a look at our TOP 5 in the c/o 2018:

At 6’5″ Maka Ellis of Sierra Vista is one player that has transform his game and also his physical body. Last year he had a game where he drop 56 points, this young man have dedicated himself to becoming one of the Top players in the Valley. His Footwork has improve he is getting to spots on the floor for his jump shoot. In the summer he showed that he can get to the basket and absorb contact. One thing he must work on is his Defensive intensity. In September he has official visits to: Lehigh, Columbia,Cornell. Young fella definitely have the grades and brains to go with his game. I know it’s early, but I will put it out there, you will have to consider him as a Player of the Year Candidatesimg_2410


Most people will consider this young man at the high school level a Wing Forward, but at the College level he’s definitely a guard. Jamal Bey at 6’6″ of Bishop Gorman has a lot of upside to his game Long and Athletic, run floor very well for his size. He is definitely a D1 prospect. Young fella rebounds and move his feet very well on the defensive end. He’s in a high school system that gives him an opportunity to expose his talents. This is just my personal opinion, I believe in this c/o 2018 he is the most ready to make the transition and help a college team. This is his opportunity to show his leadership skills. Can he propel his team to another State Title, time will only tell. img_2492


At 6’4″ Trey Woodbury of Clark high is one of the toughest players in the whole valley, he’s an athletic shooting guard that makes plays. He has already verbally committed to UNLV. Trey runs the floor well and plays good defense. He can shoot off the dribble and attack the basket with aggression. It’s one thing that’s eluding him is winning the state title at the 4A division. IMG_2163_large


I don’t think anyone in the City can argue with me on this point. At 6’3″ Marvin Coleman of Foothill high is the best point guard in the class. He’s a floor General that has demonstrated leadership skills, he’s poised and under control. Coleman is a nice size guard that can take contact and finish at the basket. Over the summer, he played in the best league on the summer circuit (EYBL) and showed that he can compete with the top players in the country. Coleman must improve his mid-range game which will eventually make him a more effective player. This young man has the ability to play at the next level. NO DOUBT! img_4460


I know this is going to be very disturbing to some.. but this year we will include Trinity International as a part of our basketball evaluation. They don’t play that National Elite schedule as Findlay Prep, so we definitely have to include them. Unit 1 Hoop Source can’t be bias, but Coach Lockridge does a good job with his program. I have seen local schools in Southern Nevada go outside of the state and bring in players!


At 6’5″ Combo-Guard Deon Stroud of Trinity International, is one of the most athletic guards in Las Vegas. This young man has a lot of upside to his game. He is very explosive and has the ability to run down players and make stops on the defensive end. He can become a lot better with his mid-range game and excel with more rep’s in the gym. Young fella is a very good Prospects! Welcome to the City!IMG-6434


My Next 5 Would be:

  1. 6’3″ SG, Jacob Heese of Desert Oasis High School, Las Vegas, Nevada.
  2. 6’5″ SG, James Bridges of Clark High School, Las Vegas, Nevada.
  3. 6’1″ PG, Jaylen Fox of Faith Lutheran High School, Las Vegas, Nevada.
  4. 6’2′ SG, Kavon Williams of Cheyenne High School, North Las Vegas, Nevada.
  5. 6’0″ PG, Kevin Legardy of Canyon Springs High School, North Las Vegas, Nevada.


Next up the Class of 2019 Top 5 guards In the City of Las Vegas:

I believe College Coaches can come into our City and find some good Prospects, that can play at all levels D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and JUCO.