As I sit back and examine the class of 2019, there are some good guards in this class. But no one really has sat themselves apart, so it’s somewhat difficult to have a clear-cut 5. This coming season is a defining moment for the class of 2019. We will find out what players are committed to separating themselves from their peers.

There is a saying that goes, there are two things that most people are very emotional about in America: their money and Sports they play.

What I try to do is help young people see that in the game of basketball, there is much that can be learned. If you take the principles from the game and apply them to your personal life, being emotional doesn’t create a successful life.

Having a plan of action determines the level of success that you want from something. Being emotional in the game of basketball definitely does not create success, it’s a work ethic that will separate you from other ball players. Your level of play is determined by the work you put in! IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE!

Let get down to Business!!

 Here is Our Top 5 in the c/o 2019: 

At 6’6″ Jalen Hill of Clark high school, falls into this category he’s a guard at the next level. I  know that’s hard to believe, but at the high school level this young man can guard 1 through 4 with no problem. He’s long and athletic, Jalen rebounds very well for his size. This young man gets out on the break and runs the floor. I  believe that he is the number one Prospect in this class regardless of position. He is very wiry and strong for his size, at this point in his developement. One thing that this young man must work on is his ball skills. IMG_7319


This young man has Shooting Guard written all over him, at 6’5″ Nick Blake of Durango high school is a very good-looking prospect. He is the type of player that most Colleges are looking for, someone who can shoot over the top of defenders. He has the deep range with the 3 ball, long arms and have some bounce to his game. I would like to see Nick become more aggressive on both ends of the floor. IMG_2156_large


Here is another long wiry guard, at 6’5 Jace Roquemore of Foothill high school. Mr. Roquemore has the potential to be a very good prospect, he can shoot the deep ball, and knock down the 3 point shot. He is more of a finesse player that takes advantage of his opportunities when they are their. I would like to see him with the ball in his hands more often, but his time will come in the future. img_3486


At 6’0″ Najeeb Muhammad Of Democracy Prep high school, is one of the toughest and best on ball defender in the c/o 2019. If you are looking for a point guard then here he is,  a young man who thinks team first. He led the City in assist and steals, and he showed that he can play against tough competition. In the summer on his AAU Team, Muhammad was the 2nd leading scorer in the Summer Pangos Sweet 16 tournament. He played up U17. IMG_6963


At 6’2″ Chance Michels of Bishop Gorman High, is a very good player who has the opportunity to be an impact player for his Gorman team in many different ways. I have seen this young man grow over the years and he can play. Chance is a very good ball handler that can finish at the rim. He has a good basketball IQ, and makes good decisions with the ball in his hands. img_2506_large


My Next 5 Would be:

1.  5’11” PG, Donavan Jackson of Faith Lutheran High School, Las Vegas, Nevada.

2. 6’1″ SG, Favour Chukwukelu of Arbor View High School, Las Vegas, Nevada.

3. 6’3″ PG/SG, Iverson Molinar of Trinity International, Las Vegas, Nevada.

4.  6’3″ PG/SG Jonathan Thomas of Eldorado High School, Las Vegas, Nevada.

5. 6’5″ G Ian Alexander of Clark High School, Las Vegas, Nevada. ** Yes at the Next level he is a Guard!!


Next up the Class of 2020 Top 5 guards In the City of Las Vegas:

*** I must be honest this Class is Fire!! THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN!!

I believe College Coaches can come into our City and find some good Prospects, that can play at all levels D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and JUCO.