It’s always important to start off with something to inspire the human soul. I write to inspire Young people. I never went to journalism School for writing. I believe if you’re going to give someone something, it must come from the heart and soul. I don’t do these blog post to be seen of men, I do these blogs because I see the greatness in our young people. The reason that these blog posts are becoming so successful is due to the  information that is given to enhance the quality of the minds of our young people.  I say this to all young people embrace your Greatness!

 Let’s get down to business:

The Class of 2020 is extremely talented it’s loaded with some very good guards. But as we all know only 5 can make the list. I want to make it very clear that we are not taking nothing away from these young STUDS! I am in a very unique position, I get to see these players quite often. I believe personally we have some of the best young talent on the West Coast. I TOLD YOU ALL I REP THIS CITY! VEGAS ALL DAY!


At 6’3″ Daishen Nix of Trinity International runs his team with leadership skills. This young man has good size and can handle the ball, Daishen does not make a lot of mistakes. He can push the ball in transition. He also rebounds well for his size. He can take contact and finish at the rim. I personally believe he is one of the Top Guards in Southern Nevada regardless of Class! There is NO Hype Around This Young Man! IMG_7238


Yes this Young Fella is a Guard at the Next Level.At 6’6, Julian Strawther of Liberty High has all the physical tools to be an effective player at the next level. Julian has a nice shooting touch, he runs the floor well and he is taking defense serious. As we all know this young man stock is going through the roof! img_4451


At 6’3″ Noah Taitz of Bishop Gorman has good size, this young man can play off the ball. Noah has the ability to create his own shot and get to the basket, that’s a unique skill to have at his age. This young man had some Big games this AAU season. He has very good upside! Young Fella can Go!DFtDQdBUAAAQ3Mb


At 5’11” Antony Hunter of Durango high will assume the leadership role for his team. Mr. Hunter is a player that looks to get better. He is one player that does not back down from competition.  He’s a tough guard that embraces the opportunity to be a leader. Mr. Hunter is very crafty with his ball skills.  DFWVA9IVoAA-MgV


If you are projecting for long-term, you have to consider this young man. At 6’2″ Donovan Yap of Arbor View High is a player that will have a big impact on his High school team. One thing you can’t teach is height with skill, this young man is a gym rat. Donovan has good ball skills. He is just a baby. Future is Bright! IMG_2262_large


My Next 5 Would be:

  1. 5’11” PG, Keyshawn Hall of Cheyenne High, North Las Vegas, Nevada.
  2.  6’3″ PG, Isaac Spears of Coronado High, Henderson, Nevada.
  3. 6’3″ SG, London Coleman of Slam Academy, Henderson, Nevada.
  4.  5’11” PG, Nate Van of Desert Oasis High, Las Vegas, Nevada.
  5. 6’4″ G, Felix Reeves of Desert Oasis High, Las Vegas, Nevada.