The Clark High School basketball program has created a culture and it’s based around integrity and character. Coach Beeten believes that these are key ingredients to formulating a team. High character young men who believe in the team concept, Coach Beeten elevated Clark High from one of the worst programs to one of the best in a short period of time. Before leaving for Crossroads in Santa Monica,California Coach Beeten won three 3A State Titles. Now that he’s back this program returns some very important players that are hungry for a chance to redeem themselves from last year. Clark gave up a 8 point lead with 2 minutes left in the 4A State title game. The Chargers have added a key ingredient to an already good team. 6’6″ Guard Greg Foster Jr son of (former NBA player Greg Foster of the Utah Jazz) will be key, in making that return to state.



I had an opportunity to get by Clark and watch a practice, college coaches were on hand doing this recruiting period. Washington and St Mary’s was in the building looking at Clark players. IMG_2696

This year I have made it a point to reach out to coaches in the City of Las Vegas and get their perspective on their upcoming season. Here’s our sit down with Coach Beeten on Clark’s upcoming season.


This program has some very good prospects that can play at all levels.