Every time I sit down with someone I always open myself up to learn something new. How can a man or a woman Master the world, when he or she has not Mastered themselves? There are a lot of life lessons in the game of basketball, for me it’s about educating our children from a different perspective. I just use the platform of basketball to get my point across about making Good choices in life. 90% of our children will not play basketball after high school, so we must give them another alternative for life. We must teach and train our children on how to be civil human beings!!! Just a Little Food For Thought! 

There’s a saying that goes “young men for war but older men for Council” I met a man today that knows how to build something out of nothing. Coach Greg Lockridge of Trinity International Prep is a very unique man who can sit and talk basketball all day, and would not have the same story. This program is ran the right way, Coach Lock is producing some very good players who are playing at the D1, D2, and D3 Level. Trinity International Prep has a big time schedule that will take them around the country. They will play against some of the top programs in the nation and will participate on The Grind Session Circuit. Coach Lock has a lot of knowledge that many coaches could benefit from in the City of Las Vegas. Trinity International Prep has one of the Top Point Guards in the c/o 2020 on the west coast 6’3″ PG Daishen Nix is special! Trinity International Prep runs a tight ship. Their day starts at 4:45 am with breakfast and conditioning and traning at 6:00 am, then school til 2:00 pm and practice at 2:15 pm. IMG_7649

Coach Lock also has a very good strength conditioning trainer. I will give you the opportunity to hear from Coach Charles personally, so without any further delay here is our 1 on 1 with Coach Lock and Coach Charles..