Before I get off into my blog, I would like to give you two statements from 2 men that had an effect on the American society:

Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the United States of America and the president of Princeton University. He made a very profile statement when he said, “There are two forms of Education that exist in this Society and one is far more Superior than the other.” That is true!

Many of the people in this Society or not privy to that education.

Napoleon Hill the Arthur of the book entitled The Law of Success, said that Andrew Carnegie made a statement and I quote: “The word educate derives from a Latin terminology which means to bring out of you that which is inside of you.” That is the true definition of Education.

A wise man teaches us, it’s not just about being book smart, It is really understanding the value of yourself and your human potential to do whatever you desire to do.

In the wake of this Scandal that is taking place in college basketball, It just shows you that our children are being utilized not for the good of Society. They are not being taught how to be productive human beings that will have an effect on a new world.

I started Unit 1 Hoop Source to bring balance to this game of basketball in the city of Las Vegas on many different levels. Not just on the court, but also inside of the classroom. I speak at many of these institutions in the city of Las Vegas, on the development of the minds of our children who are in athletics. To be so honest I’m not looking to be accepted by those who consider themselves to be basketball experts. I had a gentleman who I have respect for who told me a few days ago to be prepared for the attacks by the old guards trying to discredit me hoping I’ll go away.

It will be very hard to discredit a man like me, when you have not made me. I don’t worry about those men, who have been around a long time in this business of grassroot basketball! My number one concern is our children:

The duty of civilized men is to teach the uncivilized how to be civil, and teach them cultural refinement and the pursuit of happiness! True happiness is when you know yourself and your responsibility!

I understand that this is a billion dollar industry that many people are involved in. This is happening on all three levels High School, Grassroot, and College. Many of our children are being sold a pipe dream by a bunch of crooks.

These type of men I don’t respect at all, they have allowed money to make a prostitute out of them, and they will do anything to get the money.

Let’s take a look at some of these so call Basketball Showcase, 150 children show up they charge you $125 per child, you do the math. 150×125= $18,750 some of you parents better wake the hell up!

I attend some of these Showcases or may watch them on an app that is available. Some of our children don’t even have the proper skill sets to even be on the court. A lot of these Showcases are very bias and are set up with knowing who will make the top 30 or 40 players for showcase games.

See I was born in the Inner City of Los Angeles, California by way of Inglewood, California… It’s not nothing that you can tell me about the streets, are hustling people.

I’m saying this to all parents understand that you are not playing checkers. This game of basketball on many different levels is like CHESS!

PS. Be deeply involved in the affairs of your Children! Just a little food for thought!

Let’s get down to Business!

I had an opportunity to sit down with Coach Colin Darfour of Silverado High. The very first thing I noticed about him is that he’s a very confident man who believes in himself. 8161671_web1_prepsbballpreview_112216bl_168

This program will have a very productive season this year. They have some very good young players that will be around for a few more years. Here is our sit down with Coach Darfour.