Everybody is looking for the next big name player, but sometimes you may have a Diamond that is sitting right at your feet. If you don’t look down you will never know the diamond is sitting there. The same principles apply to the Hoop Game! These type of players are called Under the Radar Players. Most people overlook players like this for whatever reason. But quiet as its kept, these are the type of players College Coaches yearn for. Players that have the intangibles to work hard and play at a high-level on a consistent basis. On the West Coast in Las Vegas I give these players a special name. They are called “Diamond’s in the Desert” you will find NO HYPE around these players.

These are the young men that I keep my eye’s open for. So throughout the 2017-18 season  I will highlight a “Player of the Week” here are some of the things I will look for.

  1. Are you committed to playing Defense. Most young players don’t understand that EFFORT is a SKILL!
  2. How do you overcome Adversity in Game Situations!
  3. ATTITUDE! Remember young players Attitude Determines your ALTITUDE! BODY LANGUAGE IS EVERYTHING! 
  4. Do you COMPETE on every PLAY!


We all know this game is played to win. But in winning their must be a level of educating young players on how to compete! We live in an era where highlight mix tapes are doing an unjust service to our young people. So it is my duty to keep it real and speak truth. For a lot of these young ball players Time is not on their side, so being in the Gym is Crucial! 

I did not come into high school and Grassroots basketball to over hype our children. The platform for our children is at an all time high. If we are going to help our children we must tell them the truth. I write to inform parents on the necessary qualities that are needed to be successful in a game that is field with so much CHAOS!

This Week Highlight Player is: 

(2018) 6’6″ Forward Brain Washington of Cimarron Memorial is a player that is flying under the radar. One basketball guru by the name of Rick Isaacs said” Brain Washington game demands attention, he plays the right way”. This young man is one of the best low post players that Las Vegas has to offer. This young man has good footwork and a lot of Bounce to his game. He pass very well for his size, and is a fearless shot blocker. I’ve been around sometime, does Willie Glass of  St.Jonh’s University ring a bell, from the early 80s for the old school. His game is very patient and has an old school feel to it. He runs the floor well in transition and attack the rim with bad intentions.

He’s a very good prospect and can play at the next level. So we will continue to track his progress over the season. SOME OF VEGAS BEST!


OFFER:  (D2) Fresno Pacific out of California

INTEREST: (D1) Portland State University