As the 2017-18 season approach many unknown players will come to the Forefront. Because their game will do the talking!

After being away from the game of basketball for some years. My youngest son decided at a young age that he wanted to pick the ball up and pursue a game that brought peace to his mind. To be so honest I never thought I would be the one who would pick up a pen and pad. And talk about our children from a journalist perspective. I constantly must remind people. I’m not a scout, or Talent evaluator. I’m a father that gives his personal perspective on the game with honest evaluation. I know some people personally don’t like it. Especially those who do it for a living. But tell you the truth it doesn’t bother me.

Writing and speaking about children playing the game is like creating a yearbook that is full of memories. One day the ball will stop bouncing and all these young men will have is stories to talk about. In this era of modern technology you can always go back and relive the past through social media and information that is stored. I do it for the young ball players!

Let’s get down to business:

This week (2019) 6’5″ Antwon Jackson of Clark high school is a player that is flying under the radar. In basketball sometime you can be lost in the midst of very talented players. At 6’5″ Mr. Jackson is one of the best low post players that Las Vegas has to offer. He moves his feet very well for his sizes, and runs the floor with a purpose.fullsizeoutput_3666

I have heard people say, where will he play. He has no real position due to his size and stature. He’s only 6’5″ and built like a Power Forward. Let me help the  naysayers understand something, there is a place for everyone to play. He is very skill for his size, soft touch and a 15 ft jump shot make him a threat. This young man low post position is very good, he rebounds very well. His drop step is effective, and he finished very well around the basket. IMG_1922_large

His Basketball IQ in the c/o 2019 rank up their with some of the best in Las Vegas. He plays within his game ability, and he is a very good teammate. If Clark is planning on a return to state. This young man will be a key factor. Believe me there are College Coaches that are looking for players like this. Antwon Jackson is a very good prospect in the c/o 2019. SOME OF VEGAS BEST!