Clark and Gorman:

Without a doubt over the last few years these games has drawn National attention.

This year Clark team is very hungry to return the favor on losing a State title that was in their hands. 2018 6’6″ PG Greg Foster Jr will bring balance to a very experience team. He is a floor General. With five legitimate high to mid-major players this team is poised to make a run. IMG_9225

Many people are calling this a down year for Bishop Gorman. But so far I haven’t seen that. They have a lot of youthful players who are skilled and smart. That have bought into the tradition. And is hungry to prove that they are for real! Leadership will come from the Washington commit 2018 6’6″ SG Jamal Bey. This program is well coach, I don’t see them relinquishing their Title to no one without a fight!IMG_9220.JPG

Liberty and Coronado: 

This will be a very competitive series regardless to what many people may think.

Coronado at the beginning will have to deal with players working together and being on the same page. They have good size at the post position with Taeem and Taja  Comeaux both are 6’6″ Forwards. They have one of the Top young Phenom on the west coast in 6’3″ CG Jaden Hardy that can score from all three levels. They will be fun to wacth! IMG_7540

Everything will revolve around one of the Top players in the class of 2020 6’7 SG Julian Strawther. He is poised to lead his team night in and night out. Liberty will be very competitive because they are very feisty. Julian will accept the challenge because on the other side of the court is a player of his caliber. This will fuel his FIRE! CzIWZyEUkAAv1H7

Sierra Vista and Faith Lutheran:

This will be a very intriguing game because there is not a lot of talk around these programs.

Before all these people jump on 2019 5’10” PG Calvin Richardson jock. Just let me give you a little backdrop on this young man. He was a young stud when he played football very athletic, fast and tough. It cease to amaze me how so many people talk about these young people nowadays. I have been watching a lot of these children ever since they were young. The heart and soul of this program is 6’5″ 2018 Columbia commit SG Maka Ellis. Sierra Vista will play hard night in and night out. This will be a very good game.


2018 6’2″ PG Jaylen Fox and 2018 6’4″ F Elijah Kothe will be key to the success of this program. Both of these players scored in double-figures respectful. This program love to get up and down the court. They are very intelligent in running their plays and being efficient. This is a tough team, don’t take them lightly they will put up a good fight.

Democracy Prep and Cheyenne:

In the North this have the making to be a very good matchup.

2A (Division) Democracy Prep is preparing to make the transition to 3A Division. This is a two-headed monster with a lot of good players around them. An incoming freshman and a transfer from Chicago should help. 2018 SG 5’8″ Akeemis Williams and 2019 6’0″ PG Najeeb Muhammad would be a tough out for many teams in the 3A division, and some in the 4A division. These two young players have been together for 3 years and have a unique chemistry.

Cheyenne has two good guards that will come to play every night. 2018 6’2″ CG Kavon Williams is very explosive and athletic. 2020 6’0″ PG Ke’shawn Hall is very crafty and know how to get to the basket and create his own shot. If this program can get its supporting cast to contribute on a nightly basis they will be a tough out every night.


Rancho and Canyon Springs:

Last year these games were very entertaining with a lot of intensity attached to them.

“Freddy Banks said this is a down year for him”. I have a hard time believing that, he has a way of finding players to fit his style of play. The point guard position won’t be a problem with 2018 6’1″ Kevin Legardy who’s ready to show the city he means business.


After seeing the Rams play this past weekend they are going to be in a lot of dog fights. Tough is a good word for this team, and with 2018 6’5″ CG Justin Holiday running the show they will have a chance every time they step on the floor. This young man can put up buckets in a hurry. Defense will be key for this program. Staying committed and playing hard. img_4543


These are just some of the good matchups that will take place early in the season. There will be many more games that we will cover as the season progressed.