The class of 2019 are a group of young men that have a lot to prove this 2017-18 season. This season is a defining moment for the class of 2019. We will find out what players are committed to separating themselves from their peers. When looking over these players I do see some that have the ability to potentially make a name for themselves. Players must understand what separates them from their peers is their work ethic. Being in the gym putting in constant hours on your craft, helps create a mind-set that will separate you!

True winners are built of something different their mindset is like Teflon, they have a work ethic that is relentless. Staying focus and not looking to be validated by coaches, rankings, and Scouts. Will be key for these young men in Las Vegas. The key word for the class of 2019 in Las Vegas is WORK. There is no substitution for WORK! 

So as I sit back and go through my notes on every player in this class, I will be looking for players who are committed to excellence. I’m very careful when I use words that are impactful in basketball. The word (upside) often times is used very loose, when I look at players I don’t look at the here and now.

I look at their potential and where they could be projected at the Collegiate level. I must be honest I don’t care what scouts think and say. It’s very hard to evaluate players in Las Vegas when you don’t have an up close and personal view of each player.

So as for evaluation here in the city of Las Vegas it’s about production and your body of WORK! That determines where you are at this point in your development and growth.

Lets Get Down To Business!

Before we get started let me make it very clear. I don’t have a favorite player in the city. I like them all!

There has been a Quiet Storm brewing in the Southwest area for some time now.  Out of all the prospects in the class of 2019, this player is head and Shoulders Above the Rest. At 6’6″ WF Jalen Hill of Clark has the potential to be a special player. IMG_2719

His growth and body of work in the last 2 years have shown us that he is a player to watch. This past summer was a very productive season for this young man with the Las Vegas Prospects AAU club. Jalen rebounds very well for his size. This young man gets out on the break and runs the floor.

The best way to describes his style of play is versatile. He’s long wiry and athletic. He can whole players 1 through 4. Last year as a sophomore he averaged 7.5 ppg 4.3 rpg. 2 apg. I believe that his production will improve this year. Because more will be asked of him. He has gotten stronger and more physical at attacking the basket.IMG_7319

As a Defender he makes it very difficult for players to get their shots off. He can pick up 94 feet. I have heard some people say they believe he is the best two-way player in the city regardless of class. That’s a big Statement!

Personally I will say this, he is a very good-looking prospects in the C/O 2019