I must reiterate to all I am not a Scout are a Talent evaluator. This is our Pre-season Top 25 players in the Class of 2018, for the 2017-18 season.

There is an old saying that goes why ask another man to do for you what you can do for YOURSELF.

The first Law of Nature is self-preservation. When you take interest in yourself, you force people to respect you. You don’t have to ask no one to give an honest assessment on players in our city! Just a little Food for thought!


Rank First Name Last Name Height Position High School AAU Team
1 Jamal Bey 6’6″ SG/WF Bishop Gorman Vegas Elite 2018
2 Trey Woodbruy 6’4″ SG Clark Vegas Elite 2018
3 Maka Ellis 6’5″ SG Sierra Vista Vegas Elite 2018
4 Marvin Coleman 6’3 PG Foothill Las Vegas Prospects
5 Greg Foster 6’6″ SG Clark Wisconsin PlayGround
6 Deon Stroud 6’5″ SG Trinity International Simply Fundamental
7 Nehemie Kabeya 6’11” C Trinity International Simply Fundamental
8 Jacob Heese 6’3″ SG Desert Oasis Rip City
9 Brain Washington 6’6″ F Cimarron-Memorial ?
10 James Bridegs 6’5″ SG Clark Las Vegas Knicks
11 Jaylen Fox 6’6″ SF Faith Lutheran Las Vegas Prospects
12 Tajim Smith 6’8″ F/C Trinity International Simply Fundamental
13 Jarrod Burk 6’3″ G Arbor View Las Vegas Prospects
14 Kevin Legardy 6’1″ PG Canyon Springs Las Vegas Dynasty
15 Zim Agu 6’6″ SF Bishop Gorman Vegas Elite 2018
16 Elijah Kothe 6’5″ SG/SF Faith Lutheran ?
17 Leandre Mcintyre Jr. 6’6″ WF Durango Las Vegas Knicks
18 Kavon Williams 6″2″ CG Cheyenne ?
19 Culen Higbee 6’9″ C Pahranagat Las Vegas Prospects
20 Taeem Comeaux 6’6″ F Coronado Las Vegas Knicks
21 Taja Comeaux 6’6″ F Coronado Las Vegas Knicks
22 D’Eric Marlowe 6’5 W/F Legacy Hard2Guard
23 Justin Evans 6’7″ F Innovations Inter. ?
24 Tieman Allen 6’6 SG Palo Verde Hard2Guard
25 Cameron Burist 6’4″ SG Liberty  Vegas Elite 2018