I must reiterate to all I am not a Scout are a Talent evaluator. This is our Pre-season Top 25 players in the Class of 2019, for the 2017-18 season.

In wake of the UCLA incident that took place in China. I will say this to all young Student-athletes.Character is not something you buy in a store, its something that is manifest from within. PS RESPECT YOURSELF!

Rank First Name Last Name Height Position High School AAU Team
1 Jalen Hill 6’6″ WF Clark Las Vegas Prospects
2 Nick Blake 6’5″ SG Durango Las Vegas Knicks
3 Lamond Jonhson 6’3″ CG Trinity International Simply Fundamental
4 Jace Roquemor 6″5″ SG Foothill Las Vegas Prospects
5 Antwon Jackson 6’5″ PF Clark Las Vegas Prospects
6 Ian Alexander 6’5″ WF Clark Arizona Power
7 Najeeb Muhammad 6’0 PG Democracy Prep 702 Attack
8 Chance Michels 6’2″ PG Bishop Gorman Las Vegas Prospects
9 Jonathan Thomas 6’3″ G Eldorado Las Vegas Knicks
10 Tyre Williams 6’1″ G Arbor View M’PYRE
11 Zachary Hammer 6’3″ G Green Valley Las Vegas Punishers
12 Nolan Wedlow 6’1″ G Bishop Gorman Vegas Elite U16
13 Jahlani Blair 6’3″ SG Spring Valley Vegas Elite U16
14 Calvin Richardson 5’10” PG Sierra Vista ?
15 Brevin Walter 6’3″ G Faith Lutheran Rip City
16 Daniel Plumer 5’11” G Democracy Vegas Elite U16
17 Asani Pullins 6’2″ G Desert Pines M’PYRE
18 Leeland Wallace 6’5 F Centennial Las Vegas Knicks
19 Yassine Raji 6’3 SG Trinity International Simply Fundamental
20 Favour Chukwukelu 6’2″ SG Arbor View Open Gym
21 Jermaine McCrominck 6’1″ G Cheyenne 702 Select
22 Damion Bonty 6’4″ WF Cheyenne M’PYRE
23 Joel Burney 5’9″ PG Clark Las Vegas Knicks
24 Adrian Armstrong 5’10 PG Arbor View Vegas Elite U16
25 Terrance Marigney 6’6″ WF Liberty