Once information is release our Number one jobs is to make sure the City has it! Unit 1 Hoop Source number one Goal is to be the #1 Independent Source of information for High School and Grassroots Basketball in Las Vegas!

TARKANIAN CLASSIC is one of the best Holiday Tournaments in the Nation. Las Vegas has become the ultimate stop for Tournaments throughout the year. The more you follow us you will see that Unit 1 Hoop Source is here to STAY! WORK OVER HYPE!

We appreciate whoever desire to give us information on events in the city! We are here to represent the best that Las Vegas has to offer!

We will keep you posted on brackets, times and locations in the future!!

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Tarkanian Select Division (Thursday first game)

  1. San Joaquin Memorial, CA
  2. Godby, FL
  3. Desert Vista, AZ
  4. Denver East, CO
  5. Compton Centennial, CA
  6. St. Joseph, CA
  7. Juan Diego, UT
  8. Shadow Ridge, NV
  9. Salem Hills, UT
  10. Summit Academy, UT
  11. Capital Christian, CA
  12. Liberty, NV
  13. Desert Oasis, NV
  14. Desert Pines, NV
  15. Saint Louis, HI
  16. Culver City, CA


Tarkanian Platinum Division

  1. Bishop Gorman, NV
  2. Clark, NV
  3. Chino Hills, CA
  4. Post Falls, ID
  5. Rancho Christian, CA
  6. Putnam City North, OK
  7. Pasadena, CA
  8. Westchester, CA
  9. Bingham, UT
  10. George Washington, CO
  11. Overland, CO
  12. Salesian, CA
  13. Morgan Park, IL
  14. Westbury Christian, TX
  15. Woodrow Wilson, DC
  16. Corona Centennial, CA


Tarkanian Nike Division

  1. Valley, NV
  2. Democracy Prep, NV
  3. Morningside, CA
  4. Del Sol, NV
  5. Bingham Blue, UT
  6. Mojave, NV
  7. Western, NV
  8. Canby, OR
  9. Doris Johnson, Bahamas
  10. Ambassador, CA
  11. Southern Australia
  12. TBD


Tarkanian Gatorade Division

  1. Basic, NV
  2. San Bernardino, CA
  3. Juneau Douglas, AK
  4. Layton Christian, UT
  5. Knight, CA
  6. Las Vegas, NV
  7. Woods Cross, UT
  8. Cheyenne, NV
  9. Palo Verde, NV
  10. Bountiful, UT
  11. Price, CA
  12. CI Gibson, Bahamas

Tarkanian Orleans Division

  1. Sheldon, CA
  2. Coronado, NV
  3. Foothill, NV
  4. Southwind, TN
  5. Camarillo, CA
  6. Maranatha, CA
  7. Prestonwood, TX
  8. Crean Lutheran, CA
  9. Redondo Union, CA
  10. GW Carver, AL
  11. East, UT
  12. Chaparral, CO
  13. Durango, NV
  14. John Muir, CA
  15. Timpview, UT
  16. Grandview, CO


Tarkanian Eastbay Division

  1. Faith Lutheran, NV
  2. Sierra Vista, NV
  3. Leuzinger, CA
  4. Buckeye, AZ
  5. Jordan, UT
  6. Dominguez, CA
  7. Timpanogos, UT
  8. Millenium, AZ
  9. Villa Park, CA
  10. Riverside Poly, CA
  11. Arbor View, NV
  12. Oak Ridge, CA
  13. Kinkaid School, TX
  14. Valor Christian, CO
  15. La Salle Prep, OR
  16. TBD