One of the most under value positions in America is an Educator. These are individuals who have accepted the responsibility of involving themselves with the future of our children. Most of these high school Coaches are involved with the educational system.

High School coaches are more than just basketball, football, track, and baseball coaches. Many of these individuals have gone to College to obtain their Degrees to help make our world a better place for our children. These next two gentleman that I interviewed represent all of what we previously discussed. The job of motivating young men is an ultimate task like no other.

There’s a saying that goes: To whom much is given much is required. A high school coach is a leader of men. Being a coach requires you to know how to manage time. And having the ability to supervise and deputize. Not just a team, but also your family life!

I know everybody wants to be on a winning program. But the real goal is to teach young men how to meet and overcome adversity when it strikes! That is the true definition of winning! Let’s Get Down To Business!

Legacy High school is a program that is trying to create an identity that will give them an opportunity to excel this season. Coach Jack Tarango Longhorns finish last season 8-18 and (1-11) in league play. This years team will rely on seniors to give leadership and production.

The future of the Longhorns is very bright with the classes of 2020 and 2021. I had an opportunity to sit down with Coach Tarango and talk about his team, and their upcoming Tournament.


Coach Freddy Banks and the Canyon Springs Pioneers are coming off a very good season. They finish 21-3 and 8-0 in league, they are known for having athlete’s and competing for 32 minutes. It is always good getting out north and talking basketball with Coach Banks. He has a wealth of knowledge and is really passionate about helping his student-athletes. The keys for success this season will be everyone buying into the system that coach Banks presents to them. I had an opportunity to sit down and talk about this upcoming basketball season with Coach Banks. Here is the interview:


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I would personally like to thank: Coach Tarango  and Coach Banks for allowing me to come in and highlight their programs!