As I sit back and reflect on the 2017 Legacy Tip Off Classic, it was a good way to start off 2017-18 season. This tournament was probably one of the more exciting tournaments that I seen in a while. Last year event had the likes of  Troy Brown Jr, Clark high, and Top 25 Wasatch Academy. Many people thought this years play would be down. That was not the case. This years tournament left room for new emerging players to step up and make a name for themselves.

The tournament consists of 16 teams. Teams travel as far away as South Carolina, Utah, California, and Colorado. 12 teams from Las Vegas also participated. The Class of 2020 showed up and played well. If you are a fan of high school basketball, and you like up and down play this was the place to be!

Many people may have asked who is Democracy Prep, and where are they from. They are a 2A Division program, formerly known as Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy in the West Las Vegas Valley.

They are coached by former UNLV player Trevor Diggs, a New York native. Who resides here in Las Vegas. Under his leadership they have won 4 state titles in the last 6 years. Coach Diggs motto is WORK OVER HYPE!

Lets take a look at some of the players of the Tournament:


Class of 2020 6’2″ PG Donovan Yap of Arbor View high is emerging into a very good prospect. In his first game of the tournament he played every minute of the game. Young man hit two big 3’s to help his team get the win. He averaged 14.5 ppg for the tournament. He is the future of Arbor View.




unnamedClass of 2018 6’1″ PG Ishon Hardin of Centennial High is a young man who had to sit behind some very talented players. A team that had the likes of Troy Brown Jr and a very good supporting cast. He is ready to show the city he can play! This young man had a Breakout game and  hit five 3-pointers and scored 18 of his game-high 27 points in the second half to help the Bulldogs roll past the Desert Shields. He is a player to watch!




unnamed-1Class of 2019 SF Chris Jackson of Mojave High Played very well, played Above the Rim. Ran the floor and attack the basket with purpose. Against Legacy High he had a Breakout game with a double-double. 18 points 10 rebounds and a monster dunk!





fullsizeoutput_4117Class of 2020 PF/C 6’8″ Jaylon Lee of Legacy High didn’t play a lot of minutes in the tournament. This young man has tremendous upside. He’s a physical specimen,  and when given the opportunity he showed that he can be a big-time Factor. Against Mojave High School he was Unstoppable in the post. He finished with 12 points 9 rebounds 5 block shots. Let the baby diesel play!



fullsizeoutput_414fClass of 2018 SG 6’2″ Karion Harrell of Cimarron-Memorial has a lot of Potential very athletic can shoot the mid-range. Long and moves his feet very well! He’s an athlete. A football player who has the ability to make the transition to the basketball court. Keep an eye on him he will have an impact for his team this season! Young man can play!



fullsizeoutput_4172Class of 2019 PG 6’0″ Najeeb Muhammad of Democracy Prep had a coming out party. His school plays in the 2A division. But he is not an average player! He averages 18.5 points per game 5 assist and 3 steals in the tournament. He helped lead his team to the Tournament title. Beating three 4A schools and one 3A school. He was named MVP of the tournament. The young man is for Real.



fullsizeoutput_4175Class of 2021 WF 6’4 Glen Taylor of Cheyenne High School shows flashes of his potential of being an outstanding player in the future. Often times we look for points and production right away. This young man will be a factor for his team this season.





fullsizeoutput_417bClass of 2018 WF 6’5″ Jared Holmes of Democracy Prep is one of the most improve players in the city. This young man had a very good tournament. He had a hand on every ball around the basket and was rebounding relentless throughout the tournament. A very good shot blocker!


fullsizeoutput_4183Class of 2020 6’3″ CG Martell Williams Silverado High will be a player. Young man had a very good tournament. He is Learning what it takes to be a leader. He averaged 15.3 points per game doing this tournament.





fullsizeoutput_41ddClass of 2020 6’0″ PG Ke’shawn Hall of Cheyenne High School is one of the hardest working players in this Valley. Young man had a very productive tournament. He average 12.3 ppg 5 ast 3 stl in the Tournament. The future at Cheyenne is bright for this young man.





Democracy Prep of the 2A Division:

Showed the city when it comes to basketball it doesn’t matter what conference you play in. There is a difference in being a basketball team and a Program. Coach Diggs is building something special in the West Las Vegas area that will have to be dealt with in the future! He believes in no days off. He works around the Clock 24/7 preparing young men on how to be successful. Not just on the court, but also in life! I tip my hat to Democracy Prep basketball program.  2017-18 Legacy Tip-Off Classic Champions!24177052_548799088806390_1836694894067549808_n