When I decided to engage myself into the high school basketball community, I knew many people would say who is this Guy and where did he come from. 90% of my concern is based around education. Many of the children that I come in contact with are from the inner city.

When I speak I do not try to be politically correct. I just say what needs to be said regardless, even if it may sting some people.

I will give names to some books that are attached to this conversation. I hear many people in America talk about the mental health aspect of the American people.

The book entitled DMS.-4 deals with mental health of human beings.

The book entitled the New Educational Paradigm shift by The Honorable Louis Farrakhan is a good read.

Ever since the age of 19, I have had an opportunity to go in and out of institutions in this country speaking to young people. On the impact of understanding the value of themselves.

I do not attack people, but I do attack systems of thoughts. That have an impact on the development of the human mind, of young people. Many will not get through this first section of reading due to a lack of patience and understanding. Youth Basketball is nothing more than just entertainment in our Society.

In the book entitled The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill: Andrew Carnegie made a very profound statement, and I quote” the true definition of Education means the development of your mind”.

The game of basketball in the city of Las Vegas is huge. A lot of our children love the game, and so do I. But if you look at the demographics and statistics. We rank in the bottom in education. It’s even more unbearable when you talk about the urban community.

I want to stop here, and give you some alarming statistics on where we rank in education as a country.

Some will take this personal. Tell you the truth I don’t give a damn:

American 12th graders rank 19 out of 21 industrial countries in mathematic acheivement; and 16 out of 21 nations in science. And our Advanced physics students ranked dead last, and this is America.

Only 32% of fourth graders are proficient in Reading. 42 million American adults cannot read at all and 50 million are unable to read at a higher level than is expected of a 4th or 5th Grader. So 92 million out of 300 million in the greatest nation on Earth are educationally deficient.

20% of all high school seniors are functionally illiterate.

13% of public school children were enrolled in special education; half of those were considered “learning disabled”.

I want to give you some Urban statistics before we part ways with part 1:

Only 12% of black high school seniors are proficient in Reading while 54% have below basic reading skills.

Black males have both the lowest average level of educational attainment and the highest level (nearly 50 percent) of workers with more education than their jobs require.

Women make up 60% of enrollment at black colleges and 80% of the honor roll students.

So if you come at me, saying you are going to bat for your children, make sure that you have your facts in place.

Las Vegas wake up there’s a bigger fight then battling one another about young ball players. A basketball scholarship is only good if you can extract from it, what you need to have in order to be successful in life!

So if you are an AAU director, High school Coach, are founder make damn sure that you are working for our children and not just for your name brand.

Because I will call you out at the end of the day! Remember that!

 PS. Remember this young people weakness breeds weakness!!!