This week in high school basketball in the city of Las Vegas much took place. New faces and new names are emerging in the city. The content that we provide is a in-depth look at players and programs.

If you are a basketball Junkie and you want to know what’s taking place Unit 1 Hoop Source is for you.

We talked about players that you may not be familiar with, and we also show love to the players that are very familiar in the city. At the end of the day our job is to cover the city and give our players a platform. Let Get Down To Business

Hot Players:

The hottest player in the city has to be Canyon Springs Senior 2018 6’1″ PG Kevin Legardy on Dec. 12, 2017 he lead his team Over Durango and dropped in 26 points. He takes his team into Christmas break undefeated at 6-0. They will play in the Rancho Mirage holiday invitation 12/26/17. unnamed

2020 6’0″ PG Anthony Hunter of Durango is showing people that he is a player to be reckoned with. In his last two games, this young man Drop respectfully,  26 points against Canyon Springs, and carry the load against Bonanza with 29 Points. His team only suited up 6 players the whole game, and he played every minute.

They will open up the Tarkanian classic with Redondo Beach Union on Wednesday at 5:00 pm.fullsizeoutput_451e

2019 6’6″ WF Jalen Hill of Clark has to be in that conversation of hot players in the city. All he is doing is averaging 16.3 ppg 3.5 reb 3.3 ast a game. Went to Hoophill West in Arizona and played Lights Out. And on Friday against Liberty scored 11 of his game-high 23 points in the 4th quarter.

They will open up the Tarkanian classic with PASADENA (CALIF.) Wednesday at 3pm.fullsizeoutput_452a



These are just some of the players that I was impressed with. Who are in the classes of 2020 and 2021. These young men have potential to do something in the future.

2021 6’4″ SF Anthony Swift of Durango High School has a bright future. At his young age he is getting thrown into the fire and producing. He’s long and athletic and can run the floor with the best of them, he will only get better in time. fullsizeoutput_452f.jpeg


2021 6’2″ CG Dayshawn Wiley of Desert Pines is a player that showed me something. This was my first time having an opportunity to look at him play. This young man can shoot the ball. He has been put in a position to be a leader. He will become a very good player. fullsizeoutput_4546


2020 6’7″ 235, PF Darnell Washington of Desert Pines is a football player that is making the transition to basketball. This young man is a physical specimen. If he gets under the right training the sky is the limit! He’s a rebounding machine. You definitely can tell hIs genes are not from Las Vegas! fullsizeoutput_44fe.jpeg


The Unfamiliar Faces:

These are the faces that many people may not be familiar with in the basketball community.  The only way you will find out who these players are, you will need to be in a gym!

2018 6’5″ SF Jalen McFadden of Sierra Vista. This young man runs the floor, he plays defense. He can shoot a little bit. He’s the type of player if you take under your wing and be patient he can develop into something very special. fullsizeoutput_4552.jpeg


2019 6’0″ CG Jermaine McCormick of Cheyenne High he’s an unfamiliar face on the high school scene. Many may know him from youth basketball. If this young man commits himself and get in a gym he has an opportunity to be a very good player. The key word is commitment! fullsizeoutput_4556.jpeg

2018 6’4″ SF Chase Hafen of Bonanza high is a name that does not ring a bell in the basketball community. This young fella is tough as they come!  He can shoot, rebound, and play defense man to man for his size. When you match up against him you will have to respect him! fullsizeoutput_4473.jpeg


2019 6’5″ PF Jaylin Headen of Las Vegas is the type of player every coach is looking for! This young man works hard and gives you everything. He’s another one of those players if you take under your wing,  and develop him he could be something special. It’s hard to find players that will do the Junkyard Dog work! fullsizeoutput_4421.jpeg

So as teams prepare themselves for tournaments around the West Coast. We are also preparing ourself for the Tarkanian Classic,  that will take place December the 19th Thru the 23rd.
I will continue to make this statement to all student-athletes education is the primary objective! Basketball is only temporary,  prepare yourself for your future! No one will ever Love You, more than you will Love Yourself!!  JUST A LITTLE FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

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