As we conclude week 4 many teams in the city are preparing for the Tarkanian Classic that starts December 19 thru the 23. One thing that I’m coming to understand consistency breeds success.

As I continue to move forward with creating a brand of information, that’s suitable for parents and student-athletes, the information must be consistent.

Unit 1 Hoop Source is moving in a Direction where we are making information accessible to all College Coaches. It doesn’t matter what level of coaching they are involved in. They will be able to come to our Twitter handle, blog site, website and find out authentic information on player’s profile in Las Vegas.

I personally believe that no one can tell us more about our children then we can. The ultimate goal is to give honest assessments on our children, and not be biased to any student-athlete regardless of what program they play for. Let’s get down to business!

WEEK 4 TOP 10 In 4A Division:

  1. Clark 7-0
  2. Gorman 5-1
  3. Coronado 4-0
  4. Canyon Springs 6-0
  5. Foothill 5-0
  6. Faith Lutheran 9-0
  7. Arbor View 10-2
  8. Cimarron-Memorial 7-3
  9.  Desert Oasis 6-3
  10. Sierra Vista 3-4



  1. Democracy Prep 9-1
  2. Cheyenne 6-3
  3. Desert Pines 2-2
  4. Chaparral 5-1
  5. Mojave 5-3
  6. Boulder City 8-3
  7. Sunrise Mountain 7-2
  8. Del Sol 5-3
  9. Meadows 5-3
  10. Lake Mead 5-4

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December 19th Thru the 23rd there will be good basketball in the city, during the Christmas break come out and support: DNj40eSUEAAFM5a