A lot of young players are making some moves, putting them self in positions to be talked about the 2nd half of this basketball season. I honestly have to say, I don’t do this for people who are looking for pros are high-level players. I do this for the players that are looking for an opportunity to play at the next level.

Manhood is a combination of many things. The brand that you set for your identity will be with you forever. So good decision-making is something that young ball players must do. I don’t put people into college, I help young people to think about the decisions that they make.

Inspiration is more than just talking! It’s about formulating a plan internally and executing it externally. Motivation is something that every man has to have in order to be successful. These are just some words of encouragement to my young ball players.

This statement right here is for all those old heads. Who are saying, who have I gotten into college. I will say this my track record is perfect, my son graduated at the top of his class from Tuskegee University. He will be graduating with his law degree next year from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. My daughter will graduate the same year with her associate’s degree. And my youngest son will graduate from high school in the same school year!
I’m about that Work and that Grind! Manhood is really Fatherhood!

Let Get Down To Business!

This past week we had some outstanding play from 2020 6’3 SG Martell Williams of Silverado High. He had an outstanding game against #3 rank Coronado. He finished the game with 35 points and 11 rebounds in a conference win that was much-needed.

2020 6’3 SG Martell Williams of Silverado High


The  back court of Canyon Springs High is legit with 2018 6’1 PG Kevin Legardy running the point and creating problems for the city! He is playing well. His back court team-mate 2020 6’1″ SG Alexander Spaight is a young man who many people will come to find out very soon! He plays great defense and can get to the basket. This past week in a rivalry match up they gave Cheyenne all type of problems! Kevin drop 38 points on Cheyenne and came right back the next night and drop 40 points on Eldorado High. Does Player of the Year Candidates sound right!




2018 6’1″ SG George Tribble of Cimarron Memorial is a player that most would not think about. Due to the presence of a 6-6 forward name Bryant Washington. George is a player that is a compliment to his team. He can step outside and knock down shots. He defends well on the defensive end. He’s a solid player. He showed that in the Battle-born classic at Durango High School, by helping his team put away Durango. George finished with 18 point and 5 ast. A Diamond In The Desert Can You Find One!!

2018 6’1″ SG George Tribble of Cimarron Memorial


During the week Silverado got a big-time conference win over Coronado. They are playing good Basketball at this moment. They (9-8 overall 1-1 in conference) have a chance to make some noise in their division. They are buying in and taking on the attitude of their coach. This is the time of year when team must find their chemistry. And make moves for the playoffs.



At the Division 2 level Democracy Prep is still rolling along like a fine well-oiled machine. They are 16-2 overall and it looks like they will run through their division. They got back there starting point guard (2019 6’0″ Najeeb Muhammad) who came back and drop 22 points in his second game. Going 6-8 on 3’s

2019 6’0″ PG Najeeb Muhammad Of Democracy Prep


Had an opportunity to catch the late game at the Battle Born Classic held at Durango High. Liberty High faced off against Chaparral. The game starter slow, but in the second half Liberty Turnt Up the defense intensity. Led by 6’1″ Guard Davion Ware, and 5’9″ PG Aucyon Mathews. 2020 6’7″ SF Julian Strawther scored 21 of his 36 points in the 4th quarter. 2018 6’3″ SG Cameron Burist finished with 18 point.

2020 Julian Strawther


WEEK 6 TOP 10 In 4A Division:

  2. CLARK 14-3
  5. DESERT OASIS 15-7
  7. FOOTHILL 12-5
  8. CORONADO 9-6 
  9. LIBERTY 10-6
  10. LAS VEGAS 12-4



  1. DEMOCRACY 16-2
  2. CHEYENNE 8-7
  3. MOJAVE 11-5
  5. CHAPARRAL 8-6
  6. BOULDER CITY 13-5
  7. DEL SOL 10-10
  9. THE MEADOWS 9-7
  10. LAKE MEAD 8-8


MLK High School Invitational at Coronado High School: Monday  01/15/2018: