As the high school season draws closer to the playoffs. There are some outstanding guards that make up the class of 2018 that are unsigned. Las Vegas is known for producing guards that go on to have successful careers at the next level. At this present moment three have already signed Jamal Bey of Bishop Gorman to the University of Washington. Trey Woodbury of Clark to University of Nevada Las Vegas and Maka Ellis of Sierra Vista to Columbia University, the class started strong out the gate.

Let’s take a look at some of the available prospects in this class:

6’5″ SG James Bridges of Clark high, is a young man who has good size, and deep shooting range. If you are looking for a player that has character then look no further. He’s a very smart player and a leader on the floor.

James Bridges


6’3″ PG Marvin Coleman of Foothill, is one of the toughest players in the city. Mr.Coleman will to win is demonstrated on the floor every time he plays. If you are looking for a floor General then here you GO!

Marvin Coleman


6’5″ SG Deon Stroud of Trinity International, is a very special player is the most athletic player in the City by far. Has all the tools to be a high major player! He will not be available for long!

2018 Deon Stroud


6’1″ PG Kevin Legardy of Canyon Springs, is a hot player in the city right now. I remember when no one had him on their radar. This young man can play just a couple of weeks ago he has been offered by Montana State. He will not be on the market for long!

2018 Kevin Legardy


6’2″ PG Ishon Hardin of Centennial, is a very solid player that can shoot the ball from the outside. He has the ability to play at the next level. He’s not on too many people radar but this young man can play.

2018  Ishon Hardin


6’1″ PG Jaylen Fox of Faith Lutheran, is a nice young player. Can push the ball in transition and get his players involved. This young man also can get inside and create for himself at the basket.

2018 Jaylen Fox


6’3″ SG Jacob Heese of Desert Oasis, is a very talented player that is very explosive, and can make plays. I have heard that he is back available as a basketball prospect. Young man can play at the next level No Doubt.

2018 Jacob Heese


5’11” PG Donovan Joyner of Las Vegas, is s a player that has the ability to play at the next level. This young fella attack the basket and can absorb contact. He can push the ball in transition and get his teammates involved.

2018 PG Donovan Joyner

I believe College Coaches can come into our City and find some good Prospects, that can play at all levels D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and JUCO.

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