As the city Prepare themselves for the Super Bowl, I always tell people in my world basketball doesn’t stop! It’s always good to keep your ear to the street. Knowing what’s going on in the basketball world. The same applies to the city of Las Vegas, I must keep my ear to the street 24/7. I keep telling people Unit 1 Hoop Source is the #1 Independent information center for high school and Grassroots basketball in this city! I write to keep parents informed on things that are taking place! A lot of people will try to do it! But many don’t have the time to do! That’s what separate ME from everybody else!

Let’s Get Down To Business!

In this segment we will touch on a few topics. The upcoming Grassroots basketball season, and the high school playoff race.

As programs get themselves together for tryout. There will be some surprises on the Grassroots basketball scene. I look forward to seeing the Las Vegas Prospects U17, U16 team roster. They have produced some very good players over the decade, and this year will be no different. Look out for them to have some surprised faces that will shock the city.

2019 Jalen Hill


Vegas Elite 2020 will be a part of the Nike EYB program. This will give them an opportunity to showcase some of their up-and-coming talent here in the city. Don’t be surprised to see a face or two on their team roster that is not from the city. It’s good for their program.

2020 Noah Taitz


For the last past 7 years the Las Vegas Knicks have pride themselves on producing home-grown players. This year will be no different. Their new facility will attract a lot of attention. Look for them to have a huge turnout for their tryout sessions.

2020 Anthony Hunter


The Las Vegas Punishers is another program that has taking over the Southeast part of town. Their class of 2020 is the team for their program. I look forward to seeing what they put on the floor this summer.  SPhotoEditor-20180206_111404


702 Attack is a very good independent program that is in the rebuilding stages. They lost a lot of very good players from last year. But never underestimate them they have the ability to get players and produce.

2019 Najeeb Muhammad


Las Vegas Dynasty is a very good independent program that pride them self on homegrown Talent. The emergence of 2018 6’0″ PG Kevin Legardy will do even more for they program. In getting players from the inner city!C9WEe9CUwAEIOSf

One of the best programs in this city from last summer was Simply Fundamental. Coach Lock does a great job with his program. All they did last year was win major tournaments. Knocking off teams in the city! Don’t sleep on them!

2020 Daishen Nix


This program, the Las Vegas Olympians, is a very solid program that is ran the right. New faces will make up this program they will come in and shock a lot of people. Quiet as it’s kept, they had a very good showing all last summer! Don’t Sleep on them. They will knock you off!

Las Vegas Olympians


I encourage parents and players to do your homework on programs in this city. Understand that there is a lot of politics that comes along with Grassroots basketball! Parents I must be honest, your money can’t buy your son a spot on the floor! It just doesn’t work like that!



  2. CLARK 19-5
  4. FOOTHILL 18-6
  5. CORONADO 14-10
  7. DESERT OASIS 18-8
  9. LIBERTY 15-9
  10. LAS VEGAS 17-7

As the season draw to an end, Bishop Gorman will be The #1 seed coming out of their division. Clark will be the #2 seed, and will be a tough out for whoever they play.fullsizeoutput_4e62

Canyon Springs will be the #1 seed in their division. Their up and down pace will give somebody a problem. Foothill is in the driver seat in their league. They hold their Destiny in their own hands.

2020 Alexander Spaight

Coronado is trying to stay out of that 3rd place spot in their league. They have a big game this week against Liberty. The key for Faith Lutheran is to play consistent team ball. If they can do this they should hold on and win their league.fullsizeoutput_4ec8

Desert Oasis should prepare themselves for the playoffs. They will run into one of the top two teams in their league. The perfect game plan is the key for this team. If they want to make it to state!

2018 Jacob Heese

Cimarron Memorial, must play mistake-free basketball. These last two League games on their schedule, are very important for this team. They can not have any slip ups!

2018 6’1″ SG George Tribble of Cimarron Memorial


Liberty this past week let a big game slip through their hands. They have two tough League games remaining on their schedule. Silverado is not a pushover and Coronado Wants Revenge!

2019 Terrance Marigney


The Las Vegas Wildcats will finish in second place in their league. They can’t overtake Canyon Springs,  they should get ready for the playoffs.

2019 Forward Jaylin Headen



  2. DESERT PINES 15-8
  3. CHEYENNE  13=9
  4. CHAPARRAL 13-7
  5. MOJAVE 15-8
  6. BOULDER CITY 18-6
  7. DEL SOL 14-12
  8. LEKE MEAD 12-9
  9. NEEDLES 17-8
  10. THE MEADOWS 11-12


Democracy Prep will be the #1 overall seed in the 2A division. I don’t see anybody giving them problems. But I never will say a upset can’t happen.fullsizeoutput_5168

Desert Pines, Cheyenne and Mojave are all still battling for their league title. It will come down to this last week. Chaparral is undefeated in their league and they will win their title and be the #1 seed going into the playoffs.fullsizeoutput_44fe

Boulder City is playing very well right now don’t sleep on them in the playoffs. They will be a problem. If Del Sol finish strong they should make the playoffs. They have a very nice guard over there. That is a competitor.

I have said all year-long Lake Mead was the second-best team in the 2A Division, behind Democracy Prep. They will be a tough out in the #2 seed position. Needles will finish in the number 3 spot and battle for a position to go to state. The Meadows have a few games left. If they don’t win they will fall out of playoff contention and give it up to Mountain View.


News/ Media: Unit 1 Hoop Source is the #1 Independent Source of information for High School and Grassroots Basketball In Las Vegas! Not a Scout are Talent evaluator.