Attending college can be very expensive. There are some parents who may not qualify for FAFSA, so understanding the recruiting process is very important in your child’s athletic career. Having realistic goals increases the success rate. If your child is not a high-level player, basketball scholarships are not just falling in their laps,their must be some work attached to creating a marketing strategy around your student-athlete!

I will always encourage parents to have a good informative support base, this will help in the process of recruiting. Before I go any further, I must say this. There will be individuals that will question you on your level of understanding. These type of people will tell you leave it to a professional. Parents get out and ask questions! Read, research, and study the statistical numbers that are available to you. The information is out their, go seek it, no one will bring it to you! fullsizeoutput_5399

I would like to share with parents a small blueprint that I have been using for some time now. This has brought about success for my son. Many people in the basketball world might already know this. You cannot leave the recruiting process in the hands of your childs, High School coach, or AAU coach. Parents you are the most important part of the whole process. Being persistent and making time is the key to being successful in the recruiting process.

2019 Najeeb Muhammad

Parents you must not be delusional in the recruiting process. If your child is a low-level player, keep it 100! He or she should not be writing high-level schools. You will be defeating the purpose! It’s all about proper marketing strategies! Your child’s marketing strategy should be academics!

  1. When writing coaches you should always let them know who you are. Post a respectable photo of yourself.
  2. Upload your current transcript and GPA. This is always a good selling tool!
  3. Never cc: multiple coaches make it more intimate. Create a relationship with staff members. I would encourage student-athletes to address the assistant coaches.
  4. Give a small backdrop on your basketball career. Give your position, size height and your scoring average on the season.
  5. Give coaches your high school and AAU coaches information. Email address, School, phone number Etc. 
  6. If you have any Basketball Honors, let coaches know: Player of the year, first-team all-conference. State Championships etc.
  7. Inform coaches of your upcoming AAU season. Give them schedules and tournaments that you are playing in. Make sure you highlight your tournaments. (NCAA certified)
  8. Be consistent in your effort in pursuing your goals, and dreams.
  9. Game footage is crucial. Links to videos. No mixtapes, leave the music out of the videos. Coaches don’t care for music videos!
  10. To all student-athletes. Never ask a man to do for you, what you can do for yourself!


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