As I sit at my Lab top I don’t have a clue on what to write about. My experience over the last two weeks have been very educational. I don’t write to make people feel good. I write what’s on my mind, this is what makes individuals authentic.

The mind has 14 billion brain cells every individual on this Earth is different. Being a ball player you must find what you’re good at and maximize your potential in that area. This is how players create opportunities for themselves. I must be honest every player that I seen this past weekend something was unique about them.

All High-level team don’t have all high-level players. Some teams only have one or two players that are the face of their programs. To be honest it’s just about opportunities and being seen!

EYBL Session 2, The Truth vs Team Why Not : Photo by Unit 1 Hoop Source

I must reiterate to the readers I’m not a scout or Talent evaluator. But like anything else in life if you study long enough you will become very educated on the field that you are involved in. I’m a father that has played this game. I have two sons that have played Football and Basketball. One is the 2A State Player Of The Year In Nevada. I know Talent when I see it. What Separates Me from others, I just tell the truth!

I’m not looking to be validated by no one. I show justice when it comes to giving information. The region I represent is the West Coast, I’m based out of Las Vegas Nevada. My primary objective is to make sure Las Vegas players are well-represented. fullsizeoutput_5e0b

It’s not a player in Las Vegas that you can tell me about. That I have not already seen or know about. I do my homework, I don’t sleep I just rest! So let’s get down to business on reviewing some of the players that had outstanding showing doing the 1st or 2nd live period…

2019 6’4 SG Brevin Walter of the Las Vegas Knicks is playing very well. According to his Head Coach this young man was on a tear in Atlanta in his last 4 games he’s averaging a team leading 16.5 ppg while shooting 46% and 42% on 3’s. This is a player that many people in the city don’t talk about! *PLAYER WATCH*

Adidas Gold Gauntlet ; Session 2 (Atlanta, Ga.)

2019 6’6′ PF Antwon Jackson of Simply Fundamental Is the best post player in Las Vegas he’s a problem on the Block. Great footwork, soft touch, and can step outside, run floor well for his size. A big man that’s light on his feet, he played well! * PLAYER WATCH*

Pangos Sweet 16: 1st Live Period, Photo by Unit 1 Hoop Source

2021 6’0″ PG Frankie Collins of  Vegas Elite E15 is constantly getting better as the weeks progress. He has the ability to be a very special player. In his 1st session of the EYB his numbers were off the chart. 23pts, 8ast vs LV Prospects 24pts, 3ast vs Cal Supreme 20pts, 5ast vs Alabama Fusion 22pts, 6ast vs Expressions Elite

Photo by: Unit 1 Hoop Source

2020 6’4″ PG Daishen Nix of Simply Fundamental can play on any circuit In the country!  1st live period at the Pangos Sweet 16 young fella played well. He scored from multiple positions. Getting in the lane creating for teammates, knocking down 3’s made it very difficult for him to be guarded. Young man pick up an offer from San Jose State

Pangos Sweet 16 1st Live period, Photo by: Unit 1 Hoop Source

2018 6’3″ PG Marvin Coleman of Simply Fundamental is the best available in Nevada! Improve jump shot, floor General, can absorb contact at rim. Toughest point guard in Las Vegas! This young man won’t be available for long!

Pangos Sweet 16 Live period, Photo by: Unit 1 Hoop Source

Each one of these young men are playing extremely well. It’s good for the city it brings exposure to players that are unknown. These are the #1 players in the state of Nevada in their respective classes. They are demonstrating why they have earned that right. You can find out more about these players at:

2019 6’7″ SF Jalen Hill 17.0 ppg 7.1 rpg 2.0 apg 1.8 spg

2021 6’4″ SG Jaden Hardy 15.8 ppg 3.2 rpg 1.4 apg 2.1 spg

2020 6’7″ SF Julian Strawther 14.9 ppg 5.6 rpg 1.5 apg 1.5 spg 

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Players playing well-doing 1st and 2nd Live Period’s: 

2019 6’5″ SG Nick Blake: 10.3 ppg 3.9 rpg 1.2 apg (LV Knicks)

2019 6’10 PF/C Orlando Robinson: 10.7 ppg 4.1 rpg 1.1 apg (LV Knicks)

2021 6’3 SG Dayshawn Wiley: 18.4 ppg in the Pangos Sweet 16 (LV Olympians) * PLAYER WATCH*


6’1″ PG Kevin Legardy of Canyon Springs High: (Idaho State)

6’6″ SG Deon Stroud of  Trinity International Prep: (UTEP)

6’3″ SG Jacob Heese of Desert Oasis High: (UNC Asheville)

6’3″ SG Steven Adeyemi of Sunrise Mountain: (Sliver Lake University)

5’9″ SG/PG Akeemis Williams of Democracy Prep: (Miles College in Montana)


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