Let’s get into our crystal ball and take a look at SOME OF VEGAS YOUNG BEST! Next Up c/o 2022….

Here are five players that I believe their future is very bright in the city. These young men have the ability to make the transition from middle school to high school.

The most important thing for these young players is not to get caught up in rankings. Stay focus on the long-term goal of becoming a better player! They must make sure to continue, improving on their skill set.

These are just some of my personal opinions on some players, that I have seen Play over the spring.


1. When you look at 6’1″ PG Rick “PoP” Isaac this young fella IQ for the game is above-average. He has a good feel for the game. In transition he knows how to get his teammates involved. He is the Top Incoming Freshman In the City by far!

Young fella can step outside and knock down shots. Pop is very good at finishing with both hands.

One thing that I seen over the spring from this young man he’s not afraid to compete.

Plays with children older than him. His facial expression never change doing games. Plays under control, plays within himself. Coronado is definitely getting a good young player.

2022 PG Rick Isaac Jr Top Incoming Freshman

2. At 6-8 Max Lee Allen of Bishop Gorman, definitely is the best big man in the c/o 2022. Had an opportunity to see him play against Earl Watson Elite.

One of his competitors, said he is very skilled for his size he can step outside, he can play with his back to the basket. He rebounds well for his size. Gorman is a great fit for this young man.

This young man plays extremely hard on both ends of the floor.. He has an opportunity to learn under “6’10 F/C Isaiah Cottrell” and the system of Bishop Gorman.

6-8 2022 Max Lee Allen best Incoming Big Man

3. 2022 6’1″ PG Milos Uzan is a smooth guard that has the ability to get inside and finish. Basketball is in his blood.

He will come in and have an instant impact, due to the style of play of his high school. Young fella can push the ball in transition and find open players.

This young man is very skilled. Can finish with both hands. Good Court vision, nice length for his size. Bright future!  Desert Pines High got a good ONE!

6’1″ PG Milos Uzan is one of the Top Point Guards in the Class.

4. 2022 6’4″ Joshua Jefferson is young. He will be one of the Top players to come out of Las Vegas when it’s all said and done! Great size for an incoming Freshman, good court vision, nice post moves. Can absorb contact and finish inside, nice touch on outside shot. Liberty high is getting a good ONE!

6’4″ Joshua Jefferson of Liberty High has a lot of upside!

5. 2022 5’9 PG Damion Byrd II is going to be a good one. Had an opportunity to see him play in the Desert Pines tournament. He played against one of the Top PG’s in the state, Zaon Collins of Bishop Gorman. Young fella struggled a little bit.

One thing I like about him he’s very poised, plays under control, finds open teammates in  transition. He will only get better in time. Experience is what he needs.

This young man will put up a fight for the starting position at Silverado. Silverado know they got a steal with this young man!

2022 5’9 PG Damion Byrd II will only get better with time!


Player to Watch: 

2022 5’9″ PG Jamir Stephens of Desert Pines will become one of the best PG’s in his class. At this point he’s a little bit Raw. The speed of the game is something that he needs to learn. At the high school level..

5’9″ PG Jamir Stephens is one of the stronger guards in his class.



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