Around the City in 2 Minutes,Basketball News at Its Best! One on One Sit Down with Liberty High “John Jenkins”

Had an opportunity to catch up with 2019 John Jenkins. A 6’6″ Wing that plays for Liberty. It’s always good to find out about unknown players. By no stretch is this young man a finished product. He has potential to grow and improve as a player. I like his size and measurements. He’s very active around the basket, he runs the floor well.

One thing I’m coming to understand about this game of basketball. It’s your eyes that’s the soul to seeing a players potential.


My job is to give young people a platform so that the City can know more about them. Let’s sit down with Mr. Jenkins:

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from?

John: My name is John Jenkins Jr I was born in Fort Myers,Florida. I started playing basketball around the age of 11, but I did not take it serious until my 8th grade year.

Do you have a trainer?

John: I don’t have a trainer, but my AAU Coach Lou Kelly is one big reason why I have gotten better. I’m usually in the gym from around 12 to 5:30 pm. I’ve been in the gym everyday since basketball season. My desire is to improve and become a better player all around.

What do you believe you need to work on to become a better player?

John: I believe I need to work on my mid-range game. My left hand is something that I’m working on! Finishing is very important with both hands. I must finish around the rim, Making sure I dunk everything. The weight room is important. I need to be in there more  often. So I can become stronger all around.

What are your plans after high school? 

John: I plan on playing college basketball after High School. If I don’t receive a D1 scholarship, I will go to Junior College for a year or two and hopefully transfer.

If its one thing you would like people to know about you what would it be?

John: I would like people to know I’m very young for my grade and class. I’m only 16, I’ll graduate at early 17.

John Jenkins is a young player that the city needs to keep an eye on. He has an opportunity to change his life through the game of basketball. We will track his progress. Right now we project John as being a Junior College Prospect.


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