I really don’t know where to start with this article, I woke up this morning thinking of fatherhood!!!

There is much that goes into the game of basketball, It’s not just about x’s and o’s; Support and honesty is very important in the development of student-athletes.

I must be honest, I’m an Advocate of family structure meaning that family is the Cornerstone to a civilized society.

I have came across men who are deeply engaged in the Affairs of their sons.

Before I go any further, I just want to say to all father’s, may God continue to bless you with the spirit to provide for your families.

The race is not to the Swift or the strong, but to MEN, who can endure to the end!

Here are some men that I have seen in Vegas who are engaged in their sons basketball affairs:

Willie Hall and son 6’1″ PG Keyshawn Hall of Democracy Prep are an example of a father-son relationship that strives for excellence. There’s no room for mediocrity! This father pushes his son to perform at a high level! I can say this, I’ve been around this brother for some time now and I give him Much respect!


Ed Ellis and son 6’5″ SG Maka Ellis of Columbia University. The work that has been put into transforming Maka’s body is due to the dedication of his father! Belief counts for nothing unless carried into practice! Much respect!

2018 Maka Ellis

Lee Strawther and son 6’7″ SG Julian Strawther of Liberty. I don’t know this Father and Son personally, but as a father it is very tough having a son that is one of the top players in the country and everyone chomping at his very heel. Lee is there every step of the way! Much respect!


Ramsey Hardy and son 6’4″ SG Jaden Hardy of Coronado. By way of Detroit Michigan, I don’t know this Father and Son personally. All the talk that is around his son as being the top player in his class can be distracting at times! As a father you have a responsibility to keep your child grounded. Ramsey does a good job with his son, you can hear his voice at every game with the “BOOM” sound on every 3 point shot!😂 Much respect!


Rod Hill and son 6’7″ WF Jalen Hill of Clark. As this young men name becomes a household on the west-coast and national; i’ve noticed at one EYBL Session his father made his point to talk to every college coach that passed. He made sure that they should come see Jalen Hill and I thought that was very cool!😂 Father support is everything!


I close on this note: I know that there are a lot of fathers in Las Vegas that are doing a fine job with their sons, which means that we must continue to be examples for young men in our communities.

Our next article will be the Top 10 players to watch In the C/O 2020, this coming Fall SOME OF VEGAS BEST!

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