As I sit back and observe the C/0 2021 this class is very top-heavy. Guards dominate this class for the most part. There are some very competitive guards that will have an impact on this upcoming fall season.

The role of leadership will play a big part for these young men. It will require for them to be leaders for there teams.

A lot of these young men are season players who play all year around. The word separation will come into play.

As readers we must keep in mind these are young men who were just freshmen 9 months ago.

We all know that there are levels to this game. For some of these young men separating themselves from their peers is something that must be done.

The Top player 6’4 SG Jaden Hardy of Coronado is definitely separating himself! He averaged 25.03 ppg, in 29 games on the Varsity level. A total of 729 points on the season.

He’s on pace to finish his high school Career with 2,904 points. Some scouts have him projected as one of the Top 5 players in the class of 2021 nationally.

This young man might be the best player in Nevada regardless of class!

Let’s take a look at players 2 thru 10:

2. 6’3″ G Will McClendon of Bishop Gorman can flat-out shoot the ball. Good Defender!

3. 6’1 PG Zaon Collins of Bishop Gorman best floor General in his class. Good Basketball IQ.

4. 6’3 SG Dayshawn Wiley of Desert Pines flat-out ball player! Versatile! Tough!

5. 6’1 PG Frankie Collins of Clark don’t let the smile fool you. Can Score, Tough as nails.

6. 6’4 F Anthony Swift of Durango nice sizes, good rebounder, can play Above the Rim.

7. 6’4″ G/WF Glen Taylor of Cheyenne slasher, score. Will need to be a leader.

8. 6’0 PG Kobe Stroughter of Liberty good Court vision, Dynamic passer.

9. 6’2″ G Drake Booker of Durango can play. Have a lot to prove this year.

10. 6’3″ SG Chancellor Johnson nice shooting touch, plays with attitude!

Very Good Prospect:

6’2 G Chris Dockery of Centennial. I really like this young fella! Tough! Got some go!

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