This young man right here is the Ambassador to our home and family, my son Maliq Kendricks (Muhammad).

I see so many young people stress over receiving a D1 scholarship. That parents even lose sleep behind. I definitely understand no one is trying to pay or create debt for themselves. Education should be free at the highest level! But in reality it’s not!

I hope this is a source of inspiration to young people this young man is 24 years old. He finished college with his undergraduate degree from Tuskegee University. He came back home to Las Vegas, and will graduate with his Law Degree this coming summer!

Maliq did his internship in Ireland, travel to Cuba this summer, been to the Bahamas and Jamaica. He also works for Boyd Gaming as a consultant to lawyers! In the process of all of that he’s a full-time teacher!

By the way he had an opportunity to play College football! But he decided to take a different route to his dreams! I must say to my people (African-American) community. Examples just don’t come in the form of Athletes and Entertainers. We must expand our children thought process to think outside of the box! The Price of Redemption comes with a Price!

As a young student athlete you must keep your priorities in place! Never allow your mind to be side-tracked with things that hinder you from your development and growth! Freedom is not free! There’s a price for being an independent thinker! It will only come if you apply the principles of life to your success!

I write this strictly for our young people letting them know if Basketball, Football, Baseball, Track or any other sport doesn’t work. Keep grinding, Keep working, because at the end of the day God has a plan for you! You as a Student-Athletes must fulfill your dreams and your obligations to your plan!

– Proud Father

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