Around the City in 2 minutes, Let’s Take A Look AT The North & NorthWest Early Preview!

Before you know it the season will be here, tryouts will be in full effect! Players and coaches will be finalizing their task for the season. The North is where I will start and finish, it’s always good to start early and brush up on my skills!

It has been some time since I have set back and did my analytics on high school basketball in the North. New faces have emerged on the coaches scene. Some players have made names for themselves not just on the local level, but also in the western region that’s good for the North!

Putting out good content is critical in this day, and time people want to hear truth, and not focus on the politics of things. Giving parents an opportunity to have good authentic content is crucial! Having players in the North uphold the flagship is very important. 2020 6’3 SG Donovan Yap of Arbor View, and 6’5 Guard Glen Taylor of Cheyenne is reppin the North very well!

It would be unjust if I did not mention 2020 6’1 point guard Alexander Spaight of Canyon Springs High!

2020 Alexander Spaight

These photographs, were pulled out of the archives, to show people that these young men have come a long way. We have tons of photographs of young players out of the North! It’s bigger than individuality it’s more about creating an Atmosphere for young and up-and-coming players in the North. Legacy High School has a young man that will have a breakout season 2021 6’1 PG Emmanuel Austin, Good on-ball Defender, explosive at the rim, pick up 94 feet, works extremely hard. 2020 6’2 G Larry Holmes of Arbor View is very under-rated and extremely athletic. Young fella can knockdown outside shots, plays well on defense. He’s a very important piece for Arbor View.

Centennial High has some good young talent 2022 Shane Thomas, the city must keep their eyes on this young man. Basketball is definitely in his bloodline. A lefty that is very deceiving. Young fella can play! 2020 PG Craig Comanche is a very crafty ball handler that has the ability to get in the lane and finish.

There have been some coaching changes. Mojave High has a New Coach: KeJuan Clark that will take over a program that is coming off one of their best season’s ever. Finished 22-8 tied for 2nd most wins in a season. Won its 1st ever Region Championship, and made their 2nd State Tournament appearance in school History. They will be in a rebuilding process but the energy that he brings will inspire his team.

Democracy Prep High will have some big shoes to fill as they move forward with their program. New Coach: Aerick Sanders will be in a rebuilding stage, he will have to create an environment that will inspire his players. It will take some time but he has some pieces. Coach Banks of Somerset Losee has a young man that is looking forward to help build a winning culture in 2020 6’6 SG Ray Daniels. 

Haven’t had a chance to see too much of Shadow Ridge High, but we can expect for them to be competitive. Rancho High is the heart, and soul of North Las Vegas area! We definitely look forward to seeing them in the near future.

Make sure to get out and support the 9th Annual Legacy Tip-Off Classic, set for Dec 5-7 2019.  Hosting teams from Arizona, California, Utah and of course Southern Nevada.

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